Princess Geek Travels: Florida Vacation Day 7-8

Hey guys! Today I’ll be wrapping up my Florida vacation posts, as I will be heading back home tomorrow. I can’t say I’m all that ready to be done with the vacation, but it will be nice once the drive home is over with. Plus, I do get a couple more weeks off of school before summer school starts, so I’m looking forward to that as well. Still, can I like, live at the beach?

Yesterday went about the same as the other days, but this time after going to swim for a while (the waves were huge!), we all went down to a candy store that happens to be owned by a relative to the people who own the condo we’re staying at. Coincidence, right? After that, we went back to that gift shop since my sister wanted to get something. They had a bunch of clothes for real cheap, so I got shirt and my Nana got me a mermaid jewelry holder (thanks Nana! 😊) I am a little (ok, a lot) obsessed with mermaids, so people always get me mermaid themed stuff, haha!

Last night we went down to the public pool area and let my little brother swim around, then we went down to the beach to walk around. I LOVE the ocean at night, because it gives me those foggy lighthouse feels for some reason. There’s something about the sea that really inspires me to write, so I was able to get three chapters of my book all edited this week, which is great considering that school and work had kept me from writing the last couple months. Being out on the beach at night always makes me want to write, haha!

We haven’t been staying up particularly late, since we’re all pretty beat by the end of the day. I stayed up a bit longer to get a chapter of my book done, but I didn’t do much else. This morning I got up early to go and walk on the beach again with the fam, so that was nice! I also got this picture-


This little Sora figure has been to a lot of places since I got him back in 2019! He’s been to Kentucky, Indiana, multiple places in Texas (Dallas, Houston, etc.), New Mexico, and Colorado. He has been to Florida before back in 2020, but this time I took him down to the beach to get a picture (I take a picture of him in each location he’s been). He felt right at home, haha! My dad used to do a similar thing with a little stuffed animal whenever he’d go on business trips, so bringing Sora places reminds me of that!

As usual, we went down to the beach to swim for the last time, though I’m sure we’ll go to walk on the shore a couple more times before we leave. It was kind of gloomy out since some storm clouds were moving through, and the waves were really choppy! We could only handle a bit of being tossed around before we left, haha! We mostly sat around for the rest of the day, since we’re all pretty tired from the week’s events. My siblings and I are probably going to stay up and watch Pirates of the Caribbean tonight, so I’m looking forward to that!

Nothing much of interest will happen, I guess, so I think I’ll conclude my traveling updates here. It’s been a great vacation, and I’m thankful to all of y’all who kept up with these posts! God bless y’all and have a wonderful weekend!

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