Weekly Dose of Scripture 5/1/22

Hey guys! I’m back with another verse, and this time I wanted to focus on something all of us has experienced at one time or another; anxiety. Some of us have different sorts of anxiety. Perhaps we only get anxious in social situations, or maybe we barely ever get anxious- or on the flip side, you might be anxious all the time! Well, one thing is certain. Jesus does NOT want any of us to be anxious! There are tons of instances in the Bible that talk about fear and anxiety. Let’s take a look at this verse right here!

When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul – Psalm 94:19

Most of the time I find myself dealing with anxiety about one thing or another. For years I was always waiting for the next bad thing to happen to me, and I never really had hope that blessings would show up in my life. In fact, when a good thing happened to me, I couldn’t enjoy it and be grateful for it because I just believed that a bad thing would follow. I was all about balance, and I believed that for every good thing that happened to someone, a bad thing would surely follow. That was no way to live! At times I still struggle with this way of thinking. I’m always on the lookout for the next bad event to show up in my life.

Yesterday, I was able to go on a road trip with some friends from my church up to Enchanted Rock (in Texas). It would be a near two hour drive there, and then back. For the week following that trip, I was incredibly anxious, thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong. I became so deathly afraid of all of these possibilities, that I thought for sure some horrible catastrophe would fall upon me and I would never come home again. It almost made me decide to not go. In fact, if I didn’t go, it wouldn’t be the first time this happened. Time after time, I have backed out of church and other events because I was anxious about what could possibly go wrong. But I knew that had to stop. If I was constantly being controlled by that anxiety, how could I ever grow my friendship with other Christians? I ended up forcing myself to go, and I had a lot of fun! Not a thing went wrong, so all that worrying I did was for absolutely nothing!

This is getting quite long, but I do want to give a little disclaimer! Sometimes if you feel bad about doing a certain thing, or going to a certain place, then there’s always the chance that feeling came from God. You should always pray and ask Him the best way of doing something (or not doing something) to be sure where these feelings are coming from. But please! When anxiety is taking over your life, pray to God, and He will bring joy to your soul!

I hope this encourages you to live fearlessly! As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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