Things That I Can’t Wait To See In The Final Fantasy 7 Remake

I have been super excited about this post, because I can talk all day about Final Fantasy 7!  This game was my second Final Fantasy game in the series, with Final Fantasy 10 being my first (unless you wanna get real technical, because I actually played Final Fantasy 9 back when I was like, seven.  I didn’t get very far…)  For this post, I’m going to talk about some things that I cannot wait to see in that new remake animation!  Of course, I can’t wait to see the remake itself, because it is taking a LONG TIME to get here.  Seriously, how much longer will we have to wait, FF fans?  Anyway, there will be a few spoilers in this post, so read at your own risk…


Let’s start with a scene that never fails to bring us chills no matter how many times we might see it…


Final Fantasy 7 Opening Scene

I’ll never forget it.  I didn’t know much about Final Fantasy 7, but I knew it was going to be great when I turned it on and that opening scene came on.  I try to imagine what it will be like when I finally get my hands on the remake and begin playing it.  The prelude will come on, and, of course, I’ll have to sit there and listen to that for awhile.  Then that beautiful scene will come on!  Oh, the tears and chills!


Trail of Blood

When I played this part in the original game, I was pretty creeped out!  Cloud and the gang had been captured, but woke up to find that their cell doors were opened and the guards had been killed.  Outside of the cells in the hallway, and trail of blood stretched across the floor.  You have to follow this trail throughout the Shinra Building, and you find that not only had the terrifying creature known as Jenova had been taken, but the president of Shinra had been murdered as well.  This will always be one of my favorite parts in the game, and I can’t wait to see it again in the remake!  But…who could have made that trail of blood…



Can you imagine what Sephiroth will be like in the remake?  He’s terrifying enough as it is in the original! (Yes, it was him that made that trail of blood!)  One moment that will always stand as one of the greatest video game cutscenes I have even seen is the part where Cloud tells the (partially wrong) story of how Sephiroth went mad and destroyed his hometown of Nibelheim.  The library…oh, I can’t wait!  Going into the mansion in Nibelheim and going down those spiraling steps into the basement gets me every. Single. Time!  I LOVE IT!  It never fails to give me the chills!


Off The Edge Of Despair

Cloud had been heavily Mako poisoned, and everything was just going down hill.  It was one of those rock bottom moments.  I don’t know why, but this moment really sticks out to me.  The music randomly gets stuck in my head for some reason, but you can practically HEAR the creaking of Cloud’s wheelchair rocking back and forth.  See for yourself…

AH!  This part gets me every time, and I CANNOT wait to see it again with new animation!  Now, the part that follows is obviously another moment that will bring chills in the remake…


The Truth About Cloud

It was the moment we all realized that Cloud had been lying to himself and everyone else about his past.  You see, in 7’s spin-off, Crisis Core, Cloud witnessed the death of his best friend and fellow SOLDIER, Zack Fair.  As he was laying on the ground bleeding to death, Zack said that Cloud would be his living legacy.  All of his dreams and honor was Cloud’s now.  Cloud took this a little too seriously.  Cloud already wasn’t in his right mind when Zack died, but now he was really messed up.  Cloud truly believed that he was Zack Fair.  But here the truth came out, and I sat there with this horrified expression in complete shock.  This has got to be one of the best video game scenes ever!


The Music!!!

I am SUPER excited to hear the music of Final Fantasy 7 again!  FF7’s soundtrack has always been a favorite of mine, with a few songs – I mean, a LOT of songs – being my all-time favorites.  Won’t it be thrilling to hear One-Winged Angel playing as you fight Sephiroth?  And what about when we finally start the game up and the opening Bombing Mission begins?  I’m sure that hearing Aerith’s theme will make me cry… There’s soooo many songs I’m looking forward to hearing again!


Zack Fair

Everyone’s favorite Shinra SOLDIER who died far too early for our liking is bound to be in the Final Fantasy 7 remake.  There’s the cutscene with the true story of how Sephiroth went mad, and also a secret cutscene you can get by going to the mansion in Nibelheim (I don’t really remember what you have to do, however).  I’m sure everyone feels the same; we all just can’t wait to this man again, alive and well (relatively, I guess, considering the scene where Sephiroth loses it).  It has been far too long since we’ve heard his voice and I’m sure many of you can agree!


There is soooo much to look forward to, like the Golden Saucer, the final boss battle, and THAT part in the game…actually, no, I’m not looking forward to that at all.  You FF7 fans know which scene I’m talking about!  But imagine this!  When you first step out into the world map and FF7’s main theme begins!  I think it’s worth repeating; I CAN’T WAIT!  What are you looking forward to in the Final Fantasy 7 remake?  What’s your favorite part in the original?  Let me know in the comments below!

Details on the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be revealed at E3 in June.  You can watch the latest trailer below!…



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