Square Enix’s Greatest Couple

Valentine’s Day is upon us, fellow geeks, and love is in the air.  For some of us, at least…  ANYway, today’s post will be all about the greatest couple to grace the video game world ( in my opinion, at least).  So grab some chocolate and let’s do this!  Also, Major Spoiler Warnings, so read at your own risk!…


Alright, so who is this couple that I won’t ever stop blabbing about to those around me?  Well, if you played Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, then you will recognize Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough…


Why Are They My Favorite Fictional Couple?

I played Final Fantasy 7 and noticed that Aerith kept telling Cloud that he reminded her of her first boyfriend.  I kept wondering who in the world she was talking about…until I played Crisis Core.  I CANNOT tell you how surprised I was to find that she fell in love with Zack Fair, the Shinra SOLDIER.  I mean, their relationship was really one of the major things that made the game so horribly sad.  If you play Square Enix games, then you know their all about those tragic love stories (unless we’re talking about Final Fantasy 9, here).  From my own experience with telling stories with romance in them, I know that it is an incredibly hard thing to do.  You’ve got to worry about so many things; is it realistic, is it too fast or too slow, is it cheesy, will people even ship this relationship, etc.  So. Many. Things.  But Crisis Core gave us a couple that had been thoroughly worked on, and it was both exciting and heartbreaking to watch.  Zack is kind, polite, and the SWEETEST thing to Aerith.  Even other people living with Aerith in the slums tell her that she’s got a real catch.  Even on the first day they met, it was clear they were practically made for each other.


How Did They Meet?

In Final Fantasy 7, Aerith firsts meets Cloud when he accidentally falls through the Church roof and into Aerith’s tiny flower garden.  This probably reminded her of Zack, because that’s exactly how they met too.  Zack had fallen through the roof (someone’s really got to fix that roof!) and Aerith was there caring for her flowers to see it happen.  When Zack regained consciousness Aerith explained what happened, and he thanked her for waking him up with her, in his words, “Helllloooo!”  The scene is so adorable I can’t even, ah!  OK, so next Zack insists on taking Aerith on a date to repay her for her kindness, which is one of my favorite lines in the whole game.  “How about one date?”  He asks.  Aerith is against it.  After all, she only said, “Helllooo!”  When she doesn’t agree to the date, she does tell Zack that she can show him the way to the upper levels of Midgar.  This is when it gets REALLY good.  On the way, some kid steals Zack’s wallet, so Aerith helps him get it back.  When she talks the kid into getting it back and they learn that the boy’s wallet had been eaten by a monster, Zack goes to find it.  After they get the boy’s wallet back and the boy return’s Zacks, they continue their way to the upper level, passing this tiny outside shop on the way.  Here, Zack tell Aerith that he needs to repay her for helping him get his wallet back.  Aerith asks about that “one date”, but Zack reminds her that she thought it was a silly idea before.  Zack gets another idea and tells her that he’ll buy her something from the shop.  Okay, here, I was flipping out because I had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER where Aerith’s iconic pink bow came from.  ZACK BOUGHT THAT BOW FOR HER.  And you want to know something?  When he does that, Aerith tells Zack how she’ll never take the bow off.  In Final Fantasy 7, Aerith dies, and as she dies that pink bow falls out of her hair.  Ugh, when I realized that…                                                 Another thing that happens that day is Zack revealing to Aerith that he’s with SOLDIER, the very people that she fears.  But she sees that Zack is nothing to be afraid of.  ANother thing she fears is the sky, most likely because their sky is covered by the big plate that upper Midgar rests on.  Zack tells her that one day he’ll show her the most beautiful sky ever.  Unfortunately, this is a Square Enix game, and anyone who EVER says anything like that are destined to have a tragic life…


I’m not going to talk about how this game ends, because it’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t want to get into that mess.  All you need to know is that Zack and Aerith are together in the Lifestream now…and I can’t forget how Zack built a little wagon with Aerith to sell her flowers in before he left on his last mission.  But you wanna know something cool?  It really warms my heart is that their voice actors are actually married in real life!  Maybe that will help the sadness…maybe…                                                                                          Well, my point in this post is to show this; girls, you should find a man who cares about you and loves you for who you are.  If they don’t, they are NOT the one.  And boys, the same goes for you!  Zack and Aerith cared a whole lot about each other, and even at their lowest points – such as when Zack lost his best friend Angeal – they always had each others backs.  What do you think about Zack and Aerith?  What is your favorite fictional couple?  Let me know in the comments below!  Now, have a good Valentine’s Day full of loved ones and lots of chocolate!  God bless ya’ll!


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