Star Wars: The Jedi Fallen Order Announcement

Hey Star Wars fans!  Good (old) news!  As you probably know, E3 happened this month, and there were some pretty exciting announcements.  Obviously, I’m excited for announcements other than Star Wars (Dragon Quest 11 trailer guys, and Kingdom Hearts 3 of course) but that is besides the point.  I’m here to talk about the new Star Wars video game that has been announced!  I am super excited about the reveal of Star Wars: The Fallen Jedi Order!  I love video games, and I absolutely adore Star Wars, so great things can happen when both of those things are put together!  Now a lot was said about this game at the conference, but this is all that we know so far…

Star Wars: The Fallen Jedi Order will be a single-player story taking place a little bit after Revenge of the Sith and will tell the story of a Padawan who survived Order 66.  Hey, this means we’ll be able to wield our very own lightsabers!  And apparently, it’s going to be a pretty dark game.  I mean, what do you expect from a game that takes place during such a dark time?  The set release date is 2019.

Nothing further has been said – or shown, for that matter – about Jedi Fallen Order.  I’m guessing that since the release is set for 2019 we will be getting a trailer this year…maybe?  I have a feeling this game will be playable on PlayStation 4 like Battlefront II, but we’ll have to wait and see.  We’ll have to wait and see for everything…

What do you think about this reveal?  What do you want to see in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order?  Let me know in the comments!


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