Star Wars Rebels: Wolves And A Door Review

Can someone please explain to me what just happened?  My mind was blown after watching Monday night’s episodes.  I mean, I was totally freaking out!  All of those references!  And I’ll wait for tomorrow’s review to talk about “A World Between Worlds”, since I’m probably going to go on and on about that one!  Alright, let’s get reviewing!(Major Spoiler Warnings!)…


Starting With More Strange Wolf Stuff

This episode starts with a Loth-cat running up to the white Loth-wolf an jumping up to rest on it’s head.  The two of them watch over the Ghost crew as they analyze the stone tablet the wolves had given Ezra.  “Alright Ezra,” says Hera.  “You have our attention.  Now explain what’s going on.”  Ezra tells them that the stone came from the Jedi Temple there on Lothal.  Hera points out that that’s far to the north, and wonders how it got there.  Ezra explains that the wolves gave it to them and that they think the Empire’s doing something terrible with the temple.  Zeb isn’t sure about this, asking if the wolves talk to Ezra.  Ezra replies that Dume is the only one.  Sabine says that she wishes they told him what the symbols on the stone mean.  “Maybe I could make more sense of them if I saw the temple up close,” she says.  Ezra tells them that they have to go, since he doesn’t like the Empire getting their hands all over the temple.  “Then let’s go stop them,” says Hera. “For Kanan.”  Sabine reminds them that the temple is far to the north and they don’t have a ship.  Ezra assures them that he can get them their.  They all go out to the fields where Ezra call the wolves to him through the force.  Ezra tells the white wolf that they’re ready and asks if they can take them.  The wolf let’s Ezra climb on his back.  Zeb wonders if they’re faster than speeders.  Sabine tells him that if the wolves could have gotten them to where they are, they could probably get them to the temple as well.  Zeb, who is a little uncomfortable with the wolves, greets one of the grey wolves.  “Zeb,” says Ezra. “Those ones don’t talk.”  Zeb says that the wolf talks with it’s eyes.  They all climb on the wolves.  For the first time in the series, Hera puts her goggle on when Ezra asks if they’re ready.  The wolves begin to run, but Zeb’s wolf grabs Chopper in his mouth first.  The wolves run through the fields, Loth-cats watching them in the distance.  Zeb asks how far the temple is, and Sabine replies that he doesn’t want to know.  Ezra tells them to hold on tight.  As they run, the wolves disappear into the grass, as if they had gone underground somehow.


The Wolves Continue To Amaze

The wolves go into hyperspace, I don’t know how.  Though, inside hyperspace, there are visions.  Visions of things that have happened before on Rebels.  When the rebels wake up, they are near the temple.  Sabine asks Zeb if he heard those voices.  He replies that he has no idea what happened.  Ezra tells them that the temple isn’t very far, but they’ll have to walk the rest of the way.  Hera asks how the wolves did that.  “I don’t know,” Ezra replies.  “Kanan said that they are deeply connected to the force.”  Zeb says he is glad that the wolves are on their side.  Ezra corrects him and says that they are on Lothal’s side.  Sabine asks if there’s a difference.  “Let’s hope not,” Ezra replies.  The wolves leave and the rebels head for the temple.  When they arrive, they find that the Empire’s made themselves at home.  Sabine says that it’s no military operation.  She looks through macrobinoculars and asks what they’re searing for.  Ezra looks through the macrobinoculars as well and notes that the temple doors are gone.  Sabine asks if it’s really the temple, since it only looks like solid rock.  Ezra knows they’re in the right place, but says the temple must have sealed itself off.  Hera asks Ezra if he knows what the Empire could be looking for.  He does not.  Sabine says that the Empire has uncovered a lot of artwork and that she could probably figure it out if she gets a closer look.  Hera tells Sabine an Ezra to go down to the temple while the rest stay behind.  Zeb points out two Scout Troopers heading their way on speeders and says they’ll need a disguise.


The Character Arrival We’ve All Been Waiting For

The two Scout Troopers stop their speeder bikes when they see a hologram of Grand Admiral Thrawn standing there.  The troopers find it odd and ask for the hologram to identify himself.  The hologram of Thrawn turns to them and says the season three finale quote, “You misunderstand, captain.  I’m not accepting surrenders at this time.  Now, let us proceed.”  Zeb jumps up and knocks the two troopers out before Chopper reveals himself to be projecting Thrawn’s hologram.  Ezra and Sabine suit up and get on the speeders and go down into the crater where the Empire is studying the temple’s art.  Hera, Chopper, and Zeb keep watch from the top of the crater.  Ezra and Sabine walk around pretending to be on patrol.  Sabine says that the Empire is definitely on to something.  They come to some large stones where Sabine finds that there is ome kind of language on them.  “Not so much in words, but pictures,” she says.  Ezra says that he saw paintings like the ones on the stones in the temple.  An new Imperial, Minister Veris  Hydan, and two Death Troopers arrives to tell Sabine and Ezra to get away from the stones.  “I’ve said it before,” Hydan tells them.  “None of you are to touch the artifacts.  The tiniest blemish could erase evidence.  Which is critical to understanding the gateway.  Ezra apologizes and a Death Trooper tells Hydan that Coruscant is contacting him.  Hydan tells the trooper that this conduct reflects poorly on him.  Hydan leaves to see who is contacting him.  The Death Trooper asks for Ezra and Sabine’s clearance codes.  Ezra does a Jedi Mind Trick, telling the trooper that he doesn’t need to see their codes and that he will forget about seeing them.  It works, making the trooper leave them alone.  From the top of the crater, Zeb is watching through macrobinoculars.  “That was a close one,” he says.  He hand Hera the binoculars and asks who the old man is.  Hera does not know, as she has never seen an Imperial like him.  Sabine calls Chopper and tells him to reroute the Imperial transmission so they can here Hydan’s conversation.  They hear Hydan telling someone that they’ve made some remarkable discoveries.  Then, that voice.  The voice we’ve all been waiting to hear on Star Wars Rebels.  It’s Emperor Palpatine himself.  The Emperor says that they must discover the secrets of the temple, since their enemies move against them.


Kanan’s Death Hasn’t Left Us Yet

In Hydan’s office, holograms of the artwork fro the temple are all around Hydan as he speaks to the Emeror over a holocall.  Hydan says that they’ve reach the roots of the temple and have found some fascinating work.  He gestures to one of the holograms.  A picture of the Mortis family from way back in the Clone Wars TV series.  Hopefully you had watched the Mortis arc before seeing this!  Hydan says that he’s sure the Force-Wielders are the key to opening the temple.  “There has been a great disturbance in the force,” says the Emperor.  “The death of Kanan Jarrus has altered the fate of Lothal, though how, I cannot say.”  Ezra and Sabine are listening, horrified at what they are hearing.  Hydan says that access to the temple might provide clarity.  “We must seize the power within,” says Palpatine.  “The conduit between the living and the dead.”  He tells Hydan to proceed.  Once the call is over, Sabine asks Hera what they should do.  Hera says that now that the Emperor involved it’s too dangerous.  “We should fall back,” she says.  But that’s the last thing Ezra wants to do.  “No,” he says.  “Because of the Emperor we have to get involved. We can’t let him enter the temple.”  Sabine says that it’s only a matter of time before they crack the code.  Hera is skeptical.  She’s afraid of what else she could lose.  “Hera, remember why we came,” Zeb says to her.  Hera thinks about this.  If you got over all that heartbreak from the last episode, here comes part two.  The screen turns to show Kanan’s ghost resting his hand on Hera’s should.  Hera must feel his presence, as she puts her hand over his.  After a moment, Hera tells Sabine and Ezra to keep going and that they’ll keep watch.  “But I want you both out of there if I give you the order,” she says.  They agree before moving on.  Zeb tell Hera that they’ll be fine.  Hera returns her hand to her shoulder, as if Kanan’s ghost was still there.  “I used to always believe that,” she says.  Kanan’s death is understandably still taking it’s toll on her.  An Imperial reports of a safety hazard over the comm and tells them to watch out for static charge.  Hydan says that they are close to their goal and orders for the drillers to be moved to first position and gives everyone double shifts through the night.  He tells the troops to mind their priorities and to stay in their designated areas.  He order for the flood lights to activate.  Once the flood lights are on, we can clearly see the wall painting of the Mortis family.  Wolves are at the Force-Wielders’ feet.  Sabine asks Ezra if he’s ever seen anything like it.  “Nope,” Ezra replies.  “But this temple is always full of surprises.”  A Trandoshan Guild Miner tells Hydan that they’ve found some more symbols.  They all go to see, leaving Ezra and Sabine alone with the wall painting.


The Stone’s Story

Ezra asks Sabine if she can make anything out of the painting.  Sabine thinks she can They go in for a closer look.  She says that the painting is very old and very intricate.  “Does it mean anything to you?” She asks.  Ezra takes note of the convor owl sitting on The Daughter’s shoulder, saying that he’s seen a bird like it before.  “Whenever Ahsoka visited us on Attolon, it was always nearby,” he says.  He notices the Loth-wolves at the Mortis family’s feet.  Sabine activates a hologram of the stone tablet.  She tells Ezra that she thought she might need to refer to it.  They take note that the hands on the tablet are the same on the wall painting.  Ezra says that means something.  “Ezra, it’s art,” says Sabine.  “Everything has a meaning.”  After a moment of studying the painting, Sabine explains that it’s like a star map.  “None that I’m familiar with,” she says. “Those lines are like paths and the rings are planets, or doorways.”  Ezra asks which one leads to the temple.  “We’re about to find out,” Sabine replies.  Ezra asks how they open the door, and Sabine gets the stone tablet hologram back out.  She explains that the hands represent different configurations and that the ones on the painting are lined up with the central figure, which is The Father.  “I think we want this one,” she says, gesturing to The Daughter’s hand configuration.  “Where the lines are together.”  Ezra asks what happens then.  Sabine replies that she does not know.  “It’s your turn, now do your thing,” she tells him.  “What thing?” Ezra asks.  Sabine tells him to do whatever they do to open the temple.  “Kanan and I always opened it together,” Ezra says.  He tell her that Kanan had said it takes a master and an apprentice.  They notice that they are about to get caught.  Sabine tells Ezra that he’s going to have to think of something fast.  Ezra climbs up on the rocks to reach The Daughter’s hand.  Sabine tells him to hurry.  “You can’t rush these things!”  He replies.  While he is trying to open the temple, two Stormtrooper begin heading their way, making Sabine tell Ezra to get down.  Ezra hides behind the rocks.  The troopers confront Sabine and ask her why she’s not on patrol.  Sabine tries to tell them that she saw something move, but it was just the shadows.  One of the Stormtroopers tell her that she’s in a restricted area.  “I was just following protocol sir, Code 6110,” she says.  The trooper explains that that is a military code and the operation is classified under Directive 8014.  He says she should have been informed about the new directives.  Ezra, who is listening behind the rocks, remembers something Kanan has said to him the first time they came to the temple.  “The stone,” he says.  “Listen to the stone and it’s story.”


Things Are About To Get Weird

The trooper reports Sabine to command, making her frustrated.  She tells them that if they do that she’ll be late for her assignment.  The trooper replies that they are following protocol.  Sabine sees Ezra trying to open the temple behind the troopers.  “I don’t have time for this,” says Sabine.  After the trooper gets off his comm, he says that Sabine and LS-515 deviated from their patrol route and never finished their perimeter sweep.  Sabine says that she will go to Operations to sort her situation out.  This makes the other trooper grumble about having to file reports.  While Sabine distracts the troopers, Ezra finally makes something happen to the painting.  The ring around The Daughter’s hand glows and the paths line up.  The whole painting begins to glow.  Ezra hears voices as the painting starts to move.  The Daughter’s head turns and The Father’s hand falls to point at The Son’s fist.  Next, the wolves start to move.  They all howl before turning to walk down the side of the temple walls.  Ezra follows.  Meanwhile, Hera and Zeb are still watching.  Hera tells Zeb that Sabine is going with the troopers.  “Have they found her out?”  Zeb asks.  Hera does not think so.  Zeb asks about Ezra.  Hera looks through the macrobinoculars and says that Ezra went into the shadows.  She sees that the painting has moved.  Zeb asks her to hand the binoculars over, saying that she’s been staring through them too long.  Below, Ezra follows the wolf painting down the side of the temple until they come to a stop and start to run in circles.  Ezra is shocked to see this.  “This is it,” he says.  The two Stormtroopers bring Sabine to see Hydan.  One of the troopers tells him that they’re bring her in for processing because there seems to be a discrepancy.  “Indeed,” says Hydan.  He lifts the face plate of Sabine’s helmet and asks who she is and where her friend is.  Sabine isn’t about to tell him anything.  Hydan order for Sabine to be restrained and for the perimeter to be locked down.  “Order all units to report in,” he says.  “We have an impostor loose on sight.”  The troops rush to do as he says.  Hera, Zeb, and Chopper leave to find a better hiding place.  Ezra is still staring at the wolves circling around a particular spot on the temple.  He puts his hand on the stone, and he moves right through it!  He jumps back, surprised.  He’s about to go into the portal when he is spotted.  Stormtroopers and Death Troopers surround him.  Hydan and the two other trooper walk up dragging Sabine with them.  Hydan is amazed by the gateway and Sabine tells Ezra to go.  Just before a Stormtrooper can grab him, Ezra jumps through the portal.  Two Stormtroopers try to follow him, but slam into the wall.  The portal is gone.  The wolves have stopped running.  Everyone watching is horrified.  The episode ends with Ezra’s Scout trooper helmet, a wolf howls in the background.



Where to start…

So this episode was pretty crazy, but it has nothing on the one I’ll review tomorrow.  I am super excited about the Mortis Force-Wielders.  I’m not kidding when I say I was literally losing my mind the entire time I was watching these episode!  And guys, the Emperor.  THE EMPEROR!!!  We can definitely say that things are about to get a lot harder for the rebels to save Lothal with the Emperor involved.  I really can’t wait to see how it all turns out.  I hope that they don’t kill Thrawn off.  What a huge mistake that would be, am I right?  After watching the trailer for Star Wars Rebels’ grand finale, I think there’s going to be a lot more deaths before we say goodbye to the series.  I don’t know about you, but Ezra is at the top of my list.  Ezra and Zeb.  I know for sure that some major characters will die.  After Kanan’s death, I’m not sure how much more we could take!  What did you think about this episode?  Are you as excited as I am about the Mortis Force-Wielders?  Let me know in the comments below!


Stray Thoughts

– That moment when Kanan’s ghost (he actually was his old, season one self) was resting his hand on Hera’s shoulders…that really got to me.  Hera is obviously, and understandably, still hurting.  I wondered who’d be the first to encounter Kanan’s ghost, and I thought it would be Ezra, but Hera is apparently the first.  Did this scene give you a punch to the heart?  Tell me in the comments!

– You can find the music of the moment when Sabine is arrested on Star, titled, “Sabine Arrested”.

Star Wars Rebels returns one last time on March 5, at 8:30 p.m. ET with “A Fool’s Hope” and “Family Reunion-And Farewell Part 1 & 2”.  Two trailers have been released and I’ll post them tomorrow morning.  My post for “A World Between Worlds” will also be released tomorrow.


All media property of Lucasfilm



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