Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Mid-Season Trailer Breakdown

Hey Star Wars fans!  Last Friday we finally got to see a trailer for the last six episodes of Star Wars Rebels.  The trailer is incredible!  I'm a music freak, so I LOVED the music! In the trailer, we can see that things are definitely going to get a crazy as we head into the show's grand finale.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Synopsis Revealed

Hey there Star Wars fans!  Some details on the latest upcoming Star Wars movie has been revealed!  While I'm not all that excited about Solo: A Star Wars Story, the synopsis does make me want to watch it!  Here is what the synopsis says... Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far,far away …

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Star Wars Rebels: BREAKING NEWS

The news we've been waiting for is here, Rebels fans!  Star Wars Rebels left us on the worst cliffhanger since The Force Awakens back in November, but that break is about to end!  Star Wars Rebels will return on February 24!  They have also released the episode descriptions for episodes ten and eleven.  Now, I …

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2017’s Star Wars Highlights

Another year has come and gone!  2017 was a very good year for Star Wars, and there are so many Highlights to check out!  First, we'll look at the highlights of 2017, then we'll take a peek at the highlights of 2018.  Without wasting any more time, let's get to it!  (Possible Spoiler Warnings!) March …

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Star Wars Theories: Who Is Rey?

Who is Rey?  I'm thinking that after The Force Awakens came out that most of you Star Wars fans stayed awake thinking over this question some nights (I still do sometimes). There are hundreds of theories that try to answer this question.  Is she a Skywalker?  A Solo?  Maybe she's related to Obi-Wan-Kenobi?  Some theories …

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