Hi there! I’m Princess Geek, and I love video games, writing, reading, and a bunch of other geeky things!

Here you’ll be able to see news on upcoming games, reviews, trailers, recaps, theory talks, and all kinds of other stuff!

About me: I’m a Christian girl who lives in Texas, where everything’s bigger (including the mosquitoes) and it feels like the desert for most of the year. I’m a Freshman in college (about to enter my second year), and I’m working towards an Associate’s Degree in Video Game Production. From there, I’ll be moving on to get a Bachelor’s in computer science. My dream is to one day be making my own video games, as well as to publish the many novels I’ve been working on!

In my free time, I love to read, play piano, listen to music, write, and watch Lord of the Rings. My true love is gaming, and I spend most of my free time doing that.


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