Throwback Thursday 3/2/23

This might be a little late, but at least it’s here! I literally was so tired I almost decided just to skip this week, but I just couldn’t let it slide, haha! Especially since it was the last thing on my to-do list. That would annoy the crap out of me! Anyway, we have finally arrived to the month of March, which means we are no longer doing our Valentine’s Day-themed posts. That means I can do something different now! Check it out!

That Time I Led A Group During VBS

This has been on my mind lately because I’ve started to realize how funny it was. At a church I used to go to, they had something called Sports Camp, but it was basically Vacation Bible School It was nowhere near as fun as VBS at the church my family attended before this one, but it was pretty okay. Basically, there were four groups each called something to do with sports. The youngest group was called the JVs, the older kindergarteners were called the Rookies, the younger elementary kids were the Starters, and the older elementary kids were the Pros.

While the VBS I knew lasted all day, Sports Camp started in the late afternoon. They would start with getting the kids all riled up in the sanctuary, then we’d go outside for some sports. One day would be soccer, the next basketball, etc. etc. We’d break for a snack and the lesson for that day, and would eventually return to the sanctuary to see which group won the Spirit Stick (a giant tube filled with candy) for the day. It was all a big deal, haha! I was too old to be in one of the groups, so I just volunteered. I have various jobs for each year we did it. First I was in childcare, then the second year, I was actually a group leader for the Pros. I was for the last couple years, I was what they called a Superfan, which was pretty much the mascot for the group. We dressed up all crazy and just did crazy things on stage and basically acted like a fool. That was pretty fun, but I have to say that my favorite year was when I was the group leader.

It was actually kinda weird, because it started out that I was only the assistant leader, which made sense because I don’t think I was even in high school yet, so I was closer to the kids’ ages. However, when we were out on the field doing the sports, my aunt (who was one of the church’s employees at the time), came over and told the lady who was the actual leader that I was supposed to be leading. She took the clipboard with all the papers and sign-in sheets and all that kind of stuff and gave it to me, and I was like, “Oh, okay then I guess!”

The lady who got demoted to assistant leader kinda disappeared after that, so I was left on my own with my group of kids for most of the time. But I did enjoy it! I kinda miss that time, too, even though it was nothing like my VBS…

So yeah, that was an interesting time, haha! What are your thoughts on this throwback? Did you ever go to VBS? Let me know in the comments below!

And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful weekened!

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