Throwback Thursday 2/16/23

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether you were with a special someone or not! At the time of writing this, I’m still a week out from Valentine’s Day, so I can’t tell you how the day went for me (I like to say I can see the future, but everyone knows I’m just joking…I wish I wasn’t). Anyway, even though Valentine’s Day is over, we’re going to be sticking to the Valentine’s Day theme! Check this throwback out!

That Time Sora And Kairi Shared A Paopu Fruit

In Kingdom Hearts, they have this legend that if two people share a Paopu Fruit, which is basically fruit in the shape of a star, their fates will be tied together. Usually, couples do it, I guess. In the first game, Riku teases Sora about doing it with Kairi, since he has a crush on her. Sora obviously is embarrassed about it, and refuses. It becomes a sort of rivalry between them (since Riku kinda liked her too there at the beginning).

In the first game, we also see that when Sora and Kairi were little, they drew each other on the wall in their hideout. In the game, Sora goes down there and adds something new to the drawing; him handing her one of the star fruits. Kairi doesn’t see this until the end of the game, when she adds herself giving him a star fruit as well. This kind of proved that Kairi liked him back, which was all well and good, but would they ever actually share the fruit?

The answer is…not for a long time.

Jump from 2002 allllll the way to 2019, we get what us SoKai fans were waiting for! Near the end of the game, before the final battle, Kairi says she wants to be a part of Sora’s life no matter what. She and Sora share the fruit, which means, if the legend is true, their fates are tied together! In fact, the main page art even changed once you beat the game. At first, it was Sora holding the fruit by himself, but it changes to include Kairi as well. It’s one of my favorite official arts!

Of course, the fact that their fates are intertwined comes to pass rather quickly, because Kairi is killed in the battle with Xehanort. But Sora finds a way to save her, but it will cost another life; his own. So at the end of the game, Kairi is saved, but Sora gave up his life for her. We’ll have to see what happens next for Sora, like if he can be saved and what it’ll cost.

What do you think about this throwback? Let me know in the comments below! And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful rest of your week!

All media property of Square Enix.

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