Throwback Thursday 2/2/23

Hey guys! Today is the first Thursday of February, and that means it’s time for some themed throwbacks! I always make my February posts, mainly my weekly ones, surround the topic of the month, and that is love. Obviously this is the month of Valentine’s Day, and while I’ve never celebrated this day with a sweetheart, I can appreciate romance. So for the next few throwbacks, we’re going to be looking at some great romance scenes of the fictional past. Let’s take a look at the first one!

That Time Prince Dimitri Confessed His Love To Byleth

Particularly, MY Byleth. You might know that I’m low-key obsessed with one of the protagonists of Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Prince Dimitri. There are multiple reasons for this, some of them being that his character development is simply stellar, he’s a beast in battle, and I’m not gonna lie: he’s super cute. My type, a little. Okay, I’ll stop being weird.

Anyway, if you didn’t know, the Fire Emblem games have this mechanic where you can romance certain characters and get married to them at the end, and sometimes you can have kids, too (like in Fire Emblem: Awakening). This is no different for Three Houses, and I knew pretty much right away that I would be romancing Dimitri. Except, that I didn’t, haha! My first time around with this game I played on the Golden Deer route, which prevented me from romancing Dimitri since he was in the Blue Lions route. One of my life’s biggest regrets. Just kidding…

So yeah, after I played the Golden Deer route (and romanced Claude, which wasn’t nearly as interesting or good as Dimitri’s romance plotline), I quickly played the Blue Lions route only to realize that the story is so much better. Like, HOW did I not play that first???? IT’S JUST SO GOOOOD!!

I really need to stop. ANYway, THEN I romanced Dimitri, and that just made his character development have another level of depth to it to be honest! And y’all, that last scene where he proposes to your character is just so sweet! It’s a little funny, too, since Byleth kinda pulls an Uno reverse on him (if you know the meme, talk to me, haha!). Just an all around great scene, and we even get to see a little but of what their lives are like together in the credits. Apparently, they pretty much live happily ever after!

So what do you think about this throwback? Let me know in the comments below!

And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

All media property of Nintendo.

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