Blogmas Day 1: Throwback Thursday – Christmas Edition

Happy Blogmas Day 1, y’all! Last year, I decided to take on Blogmas, and I will be doing it again this year! As you can see, though, this first day is one of my typical weekly series, Throwback Thursday. Well, I want to keep up with my normal posts while I’m at it and I really didn’t want to bombard y’all with posts (which, I’ll pretty much already be doing). So I decided to make Throwback Thursday a part of Blogmas, too! All I have to do is make them Christmas themed, right? Right! Let’s see what that looks like!

That Time We Got A Road Trip For Christmas

My family hasn’t done much traveling during the holidays before, except to see family. But in 2018, my siblings and I got a pretty awesome gift! Living in Texas for most of our lives, we’ve obviously not seen much snow. So when the presents we opened were heavy winter outfits, you can imagine our confusion. When we all gotten an outfit, my parents explained where we were going: Colorado!

I had never been to Colorado before, so I was pretty excited! We left a couple days after Christmas and spent about a week there, and it was perfect! It snowed A LOT, but not so much that we got stuck there or anything. We had a lot of fun playing in the snow! The only scary part was when we were driving there, and we had to go up a mountain during the night, and it was snowing. STRESSFUL! But, other than that, it was really fun!

We were able to do the Polar Express, see some sights, stuff like that! I did go to Colorado again in 2021, but it was during the fall, which was a great trip as well. But I would really love to see the snow again!

What do you think about this throwback? Let me know in the comments below! And get ready for Blogmas, because it’s going to be great!

As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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