I’ve Got A Theory… The Wild Card (Kingdom Hearts III)

Hey guys! I did some rearranging with my blog schedule in December, because I realized that y’all would be getting absolutely bombarded with posts! I missed doing a Theory post and a Character Development in October, and I was going to make them up this month, as I am doing. But since these posts are supposed to happen every other month, I was originally going to still do them in December, too. However, when I started to think about the amount of posts that would be releasing in December, I thought it would be a better to just move the schedule a bit so that November is the true month my Theory and Character Development and just release the next ones in January. This probably isn’t that important, but I just wanted to clarify what’s going to happen witht these posts!

Anyway, in this post, I’m going to be breaking down a particular mystery that has been on my mind lately, and it is that of Sora’s wild card in Kingdom Hearts III. First, I’m going to be giving some background on it and talking about what we know about the card, and I will then move on to discussing my theory for what it might be. Kingdom Hearts theories can get somewhat long when I’m discussing them (since I love to talk about Kingdom Hearts, you know), so let’s get to it! Spoiler Warnings!

The Wild Card

The first time we see this wild card, it’s near the end of Kingdom Hearts III. The Sora fights off Organization 13, but when he gets to Luxord, the Nobody has something special for him. Before Luxord dies, he gives Sora a playing card, telling him that it may turn the tables at one point or another. We don’t get to see what’s on the card, but Sora is surprised by it. This is literally all we know about the card. Sora never mentions it again for the rest of the game, and we probably won’t know much more about it until Kingdom Hearts IV.

So What’s The Theory?

I really had to think for this one, because this one has stumped me since I first saw the scene in which Luxord gives Sora the card. There is not a lot of information to go off of. Like, at all. We don’t even see what the picture on the card is, just the back of it, which is the same design as the rest of Luxord’s cards. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Luxord, because we still don’t know who his Somebody is. Could it be tied to the wild card in some way? That may be a stretch, but you never know!

A wild card, as you might know if you play any sort of card game, is a card you can use at any time. For example, in Uno, you can use the wild card to represent any color or number. In an expression, saying someone has a wild card, or is a wild card, means that they have something unpredictable or that they are an unpredictable person. In card games, it is usually the Joker that is referred to as the wild card, so I thought that was interesting. Another interesting note is that, according to YourTango.com, a person who is a wild card may be someone who “can come through when when you need them most, or fail you in equally spectacular fashion… “

I will point out that some people call it Sora’s trump card, but that gives it a slightly different definition. A trump card is, according to it’s dictionary definition, “a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.” While a wild card has the advantage of being used at any time, the trump card is played to win the game. But upon viewing the cutscenes again, Luxord does call it a wild card, so we can probably assume that it will follow the former definition, so I’ll use that for my theories.

At first glance, the card makes me think of Chain of Memories, since the gameplay relied on cards. Could the card be a key to some world, like in Chain of Memories? Can it unlock a new ability? I do think that might be a little too obvious, though, so I turned my research elsewhere. My next assumption was that it might have something to do with The World Ends With You.

The World Ends With You came out some time ago for the Nintendo DS, but was later remastered for the Nintendo Switch. It has crossed over with Kingdom Hearts before, and with the 104 Building’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts III, many fans assumed Sora had entered the Reaper’s Game, a central part of The World Ends With You, upon his apparent death. In The World Ends With You, you battle enemies with little pins. It’s along the same lines as the card gameplay in Chain of Memories. I can’t say for sure whether Sora is in The World Ends With You’s Shibuya, Japan, especially since the world in Kingdom Hearts is called Quadratum. Also, in an interview, Nomura (the direct of Kingdom Hearts and a bunch of other SE games) made it seem like this was a completely separate world than the one in The World Ends With You. As of right now, I have a hard time believing that, especially since Riku even shows up in Shinjuku, Japan at the end of Kingdom Hearts III, which is now another central part of NEO: The World Ends With You. That’s too many coincidences!

Let’s assume that Sora is now in the Reaper’s Game, because after watching the trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV, it seems Quadratum is some sort of afterlife. I’m wondering if the card will play some part in this, perhaps acting as a pin would in The World Ends With You. This theory is one I don’t feel strongly about, because it’s difficult to imagine what part it would play in this setting, and it’s hard to say if he’s even Shibuya. As I said, Nomura said this could be a completely different world apart from The World Ends With You, so until we get more information on that there is not much evidence that the card will have some sort of TWEWY correlations.

After researching things further, I remembered a key fact about Luxord which made me change my thinking. In the ReMind DLC secret ending (which you get if you beat the secret boss, Yozora), Yozora is riding in the back of a car in a scene that is basically shot for shot the trailer for Versus 13, which I will talk more about in a moment. In that scene, the driver appears to be Luxord, or at least his Somebody. We don’t if this is the actual truth, but he had the same voice, and you can see him a little in the rearview mirror. If this is Luxord, this changes a LOT.

As I said, this scene is extremely similar to the teaser trailer for Versus 13, which is a game that later became Final Fantasy 15. What happened was that the director for Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura, was in charge of Versus 13. However, down the road Nomura got replaced with Hajime Tabata, who turned it into Final Fantasy 15. It appears that Nomura is bringing his game back from the dead by using his designs and ideas for it in Kingdom Hearts, which I think is a spectacular idea! But if this world is, in fact, Quadratum, what does that mean for Luxord, and what does that mean for the wild card? We don’t know Luxord’s Somebody identity yet and I have a feeling the card ties into it. If Luxord came from Quadratum, then perhaps the wild card is a way for Sora to escape that world. In the ReMind DLC, there is a scene between Xigbar (who is actually Luxu) and Luxord, and Xigbar calls him out because he knows there’s more to Luxord than he lets on. We don’t find out much more about him here, but it is interesting that they have this scene in the first place.

Since we don’t have a lot of information about the card to go off of, we can only use information on Luxord himself. With all these things in mind, I think it’s safe to assume that the wild card might act as a sort of key. Maybe Sora and Riku will be trapped in Quadratum? Then again, Luxord said the card “could turn the tables”. Does this mean that he knows what kind of enemies Sora will face in Quadratum? And if that is the case, this opens up a whole new ballgame; did Luxord even know that Sora would be trapped in Quadratum? If so, this could have some serious changes in what we know about the story. Luxord could be more powerful than we realize. If it was a surprise that Xigbar is Luxu, then Luxord’s true identity could be even more surprising. But, this might be a theory for another day, yes?

Returning to the card, if Luxord did indeed know Sora might find his way to Quadratum, it is possible that the card might have some affect on whatever enemies Sora faces. Either that, or perhaps the card will act as something to save Sora? Sometimes the card makes me think of the movie Ready Player One. At the end of this movie, all the players are killed off, and it appears the protagonist, Wade, has lost the game. However, it turns out that an object he acquired near the beginning of the movie turned out to be an extra life token, and he ended up winning the game instead. I think the card acting as something like this may be the biggest possibility of all.

So far, that’s all I’ve been able to come up with, though I feel there are still things I’m not seeing. So now I want to hear your theories on what the wild card might be! Let me know in the comments below!

And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful rest of your week!

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