Life Lessons In Fiction: Manifest

Hey guys! It’s time to find what life lessons are in the fictional world! This time, since I’ve been doing this little theme celebrating the release of season 4 of my favorite TV show, the life lessons will be coming from Manifest. Manifest is a really trippy show about these people who go missing for five years on a flight from Jamaica to New York, and they then must find out what happened to cause that. There’s a lot of chaos in the show, but there’s also a lot of valuable lessons we can learn from it. Check them out!

1. Faith Over Science

The biggest thing I’ve gotten from this show is what faith actually is. For a long time, I’ve struggled with my faith in God, and what it’s supposed to look like. Watching this show made me realize that it is a conscious effort to let go of my trust in my own abilities and what I think I might know so that God can take the wheel. I don’t know if Manifest is supposed to be a metaphor or allegory for this kind of stuff, but it did open my eyes to what I’ve been trying to learn all my life. Since watching this show, I’ve found it has been so much easier to have faith, since now I’ve seen a visual representation of what it is. Throughout the show, the characters are shown time and time again that relying on their own knowledge doesn’t work. They’re forced to realize science can’t explain everything. Some things only God can do. I don’t agree with everything in this show, but it has taught me a lot about what it means to have faith in Someone you can’t physically see.

2. We All Have A Purpose

Second chances are a big theme in the show, since it’s literally about people who come back, supposedly from the dead, for a chance to redeem themselves. However, some of those people, such as Michaela, or Zeke, feel like they shouldn’t have come back. But we are shown that even the characters who felt like they had no purpose in coming back were actually predestined to do incredible things; things that might even save the world. I won’t give details for spoiler reasons, but we are shown this in season 4. For a while, Zeke wondered why he he was able to come back after all the mistakes he’s made, but it turned out he had a big part to play in saving the world. Same for Cal. When you think you don’t have a purpose in this life, just wait. You were created for a reason. You might not see it yet, but just know that whether you realize it or not, your life makes an impact. And when you realize just why you were created, things will start falling into place.

3. We Are More Than Our Past Mistakes

Throughout the show, we see the characters struggle to leave their past behind, especially Michaela and Zeke. As I said above, they feel like they shouldn’t have gotten a second chance because of how much they messed up before. But this is the point of a second chance! And as a few of the characters show, you can be redeemed, no matter what you’ve done in the past. That goes the same for you! No matter what you’ve done, you can turn your back on the past and live in the freedom that God can grant when He forgives you of sin. Yes, you can learn from past mistakes. But you should never let your mistakes rule over you and steal your joy. You are more than that!

4. All Good Things…

Right at the beginning of Manifest, we hear a Bible verse that becomes prevalent throughout the show; all things work together for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28). “All good things” becomes something the characters often say in relation to this verse, and it is something I have started to remind myself of, too. However, it is important to realize that the “good” thing might not be how we imagined it. God has a plan for each and every one of us, and no matter how bad a situation might be, He will work everything out. We just have to trust Him. We have to trust that His plans will work out, and they will be better than anything we could imagine.

5. …But We Will Face Storms

Although things will work according to God’s plan, that doesn’t mean we won’t come across trials. Time and time again, the characters have their faith tested. Bad thing after bad thing happens, but if you think about, each trial ends up well. God works things out for our good, but we still must go through difficult times in order to build up our endurance and faith. It’s hard, but if life was easy for us, we’d really never get anywhere, would we? We’d never be challenged, and we’d never grow. As the show went on, the characters changed, some for good, others for worse. But it was clear that though bad things were happening, things were turning out for good, too.

This is a little short, but I’ve been in a rush trying to get everything ready for Blogmas and all the other posts that need to come out! Still, I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful Sunday!

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