Day In The Life: 10/18/2022

Hey guys! It’s time for this new series to finally get posted! It’s supposed to be a monthly thing, but then I totally forgot about it in September, so yeah…that happened. Anyway, I had to change up how I did it at the last minute due to technical difficulties (meaning, WordPress is very rude for not allowing me to post videos), so it doesn’t look exactly how I’d like it. But that’s okay! On with the show! That being said, I was originally going to most a video that went through my day using short clips and pictures. Now, I’m just using pictures, haha!

For this first Day In The Life, I decided to go with October 18th (which was three days ago) so you can see what kind of stuff I do as Phi Theta Kappa president and that kind of fun stuff. I didn’t get as many pictures because I kept forgetting (that seems to be a trend with me), but it was a busy day! Take a look!

October 18th, 2020

As is typical with me, I didn’t get up on time. I usually try and get out of bed around 6AM, but y’all, the sleep deprivation is real. I couldn’t drag myself out of bed until closer to 7AM, but I was eventually victorious! I mean, what can I say? My room was freezing, and my blankets were so warm. The bed was practically grabbing me! …Okay, okay, maybe not. But anyway, I finally got out of bed and tried to wake myself up a bit.

A bit after I wake up, I start with my Bible time. I’ve been going through the book of Psalms and enjoying it, and this morning I came to one of my favorite verses!

Psalm 46:5

How cool! Turns out I really needed it today, so God knew what He was doing it showing it to me again, haha!

After Bible time, I had a little breakfast. Now, I don’t usually do breakfast, but being at school all day means I don’t really eat that much, so I take what I can get while I can get it! This morning I had blueberry waffles, which was probably the highlight of my day because, well, I like waffles.

I feel like it takes forever to get ready for school, and that’s mainly because I change my mind about what I want to wear about 10000 times. I usually make a chart thing of what I’m going to wear every day at the beginning of the week, and this is actually the first week I’ve actually been following it (only because I kind of have to, though). It’s been somewhat chilly here in TX, so today I opted for some jeans, my Phi Theta Kappa T-shirt since I had some PTK events today, and a denim jacket.

My morning routine is pretty much the same every day. I after I get dressed, I fix up my hair and put on makeup. I don’t do anything too crazy, so it doesn’t take me long. Once my sister and I were ready to go, we headed off to school.

It was SO beautiful on campus, as you can see!

Heading To Math Class

I’m used to the Texas heat we’ve been having, so the weather change was a welcome one! I would have much rather sat outside to read than go into math class, but I’m to responsible to play hooky… Math class was uneventful, and I spent most of it being confused. But that’s okay! I’m a fast learner, so I knew I would understand it soon enough. I even got most of the homework done in class, so I was pretty happy about that! Doing my homework early means that my evenings will go easier. You’ll see what I mean later.

Right after math class, which ended around 10:40AM, I saw my sister off to her Chemistry lab, and I headed over to the gym. We have a really nice gym, but I wasn’t there to work out! Tuesday and Wednesday were what Northwest Vista College calls the Involvement Fair. Basically all the organizations, clubs, resources, etc. get a table to advertise themselves. There’s free food, prizes, and all kinds of free stuff! They’re really fun! They’re usually themed, and this time it was our mascot’s birthday so it was a party theme. This meant we got cupcakes and stuff, so it was a good day!

As Phi Theta Kappa president, I was in charge of the PTK table.

Phi Theta Kappa Table

The only thing I don’t like about watching the table is that I have to say the same thing over and over to all the students who come around asking what PTK is, but this time things were pretty quiet and we didn’t have a lot of students come. But the perk of watching a table? I don’t need a ticket to get free food! They just bring it to me!

After the fair ended at 2PM, I put up the table and hurried off to work. The great thing about working on campus is that I don’t have to drive anywhere for it! All I had to do was walk across the bridge to the library, where I work as a writing tutor. Tuesdays are sometimes our busiest days, especially since we usually don’t have enough people working, but it was actually really slow. This was a good thing, because at 4PM I had a PTK orientation to host. My supervisor let me take the hour off to go and set up, then host it, and it went pretty well! The weather was still spectacular when I headed over to the other building.

Beautiful Weather!

I walked in the room, and I was kinda creeped out by the way the chairs had been set up, but I was just glad there WAS chairs (my chapter advisor was worried there wouldn’t be).


Anyway, as I said, the orientation went well! But by this point, I was literally struggling to keep my eyes open. I thought some coffee would help me stay awake for the last couple hours of work. However, the cafe closes at 5PM (which is way too early in my opinion, when I have to stay at the lab working until 8PM), so I had to book it. Much to my dismay, I was too late. But that was fine! I’ve forced myself to stay awake before, so I just had to do it again! Turns out it was a good thing I went down there anyway, because I left my spider on the first floor of the library (where the cafe is) the day before. What spider, you might ask?


Frido the Spider

Meet Frido, the spider I made last Monday. The library does these craft things to de-stress, I guess, so I finally took part in it. I had to leave the little guy overnight to dry, but I’m really happy with the way he turned out. He looks a little bashful, haha!

Usually around the evening, no one comes into the lab, so I did as much homework as I could. I got around to doing my Astronomy homework and studying a bit of programming for my exam, but I stopped to do some blogging, too. I was pretty happy with the work I got done!

Finally, I locked up the lab at 8PM. It gets pretty dark by this time, so it always looks a little creepy in the library. My co-workers and I are convinced there’s a ghost in the lab, so that doesn’t help, haha! Anyways, I always like locking up (and not just because I get to go home). We turn off all the lights, flip over our “open” sign, and lock the door.

As I said, it’s dark by this point, and campus looks pretty at night!

Time To Go Home!
Time To Go Home!

I was super tired, but my day wasn’t done!

Once I get home, I take a quick shower and read my Bible some more. This nightly routine has always calmed me and it helps me get ready for bed, so it’s something I look forward to doing! After this, I cooked up some ramen for my dinner and got ready to do the last of my homework. From about 9:30PM-10PM I like to practice piano on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but sometimes this doesn’t happen if I have too much homework. But as I said above, since I finished most of my math homework in class, I got to do piano! I didn’t practice as much as I would have liked, but I’m not really sure where I want to go with my song for Halloween. I don’t know if it’ll turn out good, but I’m hoping it will!

Around this time, I walked into my parents’ bedroom to find my sisters and mom watching TV…and they had opened up to two giant candy bags that had been hidden for Halloween! So of course I took some candy (I LOVE candy). This time of year is a big deal for my family, because we have this giant pumpkin candy bucket and we usually fill it up about a week or two before Halloween. When the pumpkin comes out, it’s a good day! I didn’t see the pumpkin, but the candy bags being out meant it was coming! Let me tell you, the way the pumpkin smells with all the candy and chocolate in it is just my childhood, okay? I love it! As I said, I didn’t see the pumpkin on Tuesday night, but last night (Thursday) I came home to the bucket all filled up (and of course, I smelled the inside of it right away, haha!).

But enough about that! Around 10PM, I finally got around to writing. I haven’t been doing great at this, but this week I’ve been following my schedule pretty closely! I actually got a chapter done, so I was happy about that! After writing, I was ready for bed. My room has been freezing lately, so I warmed it up with the little fake fireplace heater I have. I had to get some stuff ready for this tutoring session I was doing for my students the next day, so I worked on that for a while.

And that was that! Though it was a little bit of a stressful day, I had a lot of fun! It was even announced that day that Rick Riordan would be writing another Percy Jackson book, and that Jennifer Lynn Barnes was writing another The Inheritance Games book. It was just surprises after surprises!

But if you liked this post, let me know in the comments! I thought it would be interesting to give y’all a little peek into my life, but if it completely bored you, tell me so I know not to do it again, haha! Maybe if y’all like it, I may try and see if I can start doing videos in the future instead of pictures, but we’ll see how that goes!

Anyways, God bless y’all and have a wonderful weekend!

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