My Top Ten Favorite Books

Hey guys! For this month’s Top Ten post, I was originally going to do my most popular posts so far, but realized that would mean going through the stats of all of my posts. I started the work, but knew I wouldn’t get it done on time thanks to work and school, so I’m pushing it out until it’s complete. That being said, that post is still coming, but for now we’re going to be looking at my favorite books! So my favorite books tend to change every now and then, so this is a list of my current favorites. Take a look!

10. The Kids Are Alright by Kazushige Nojima

I completely forgot about this book until I was almost done with the list!!! How could I forget this one??? I read this one so fast because it literally had me hooked from the very beginning. I actually reread it last year and it was still as great as I remembered. I feel like it should definitely be higher on this list, but I can’t even think of where it should be. This is a spin-off story for Final Fantasy 7, so there are a few character cameos, but it mainly focuses on a new cast. And that new cast is just brilliant! Also, this book, while it does have it’s tragic moments (it’s Final Fantasy. Come on!), it was actually pretty hilarious, too. I’ve already been wanting to read it again, but I think I’ll hold off on that because there’s some other unread books I should really get to, haha!

9. Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

I read this book three or four years ago after seeing it around a lot. At first I almost put Scythe (the first book in the series) in place of this one, but changed my mind at the last minute. I remember reading this one vividly, and though it does have a tragic, cliff-hangar ending, it was amazing! Ya’ll, the scream part at the end (if you read this, you know what I’m talking about) was one of the best book scenes I’ve ever read. It literally still gives me the chills to this day. Shusterman knew what he was doing when he wrote this! I really wish I could have liked The Toll (the third book) as much as I liked this one!

8. Dune by Frank Herbert

I wasn’t really sure where to put this one if I’m being honest. But I knew it belonged on this list! Dune is a fascinating read, but definitely not for everyone. Its a thick book with lots of potentially confusing elements in it. It was hard for me to get into it at first, but eventually I couldn’t put it down! Plus, I was motivated since the new movie adaptation was about to release, so that made me want to finish it, too. Speaking of the movie, I love it! Though there were some things I feel like could have been done differently, I think it was a pretty faithful adaptation!

7. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I read this right before reading Howl’s Moving Castle, actually. I had heard of Percy Jackson before, and saw them around, but I never got into them until I was in high school. A friend of mine gave me the entire series. And let me tell you: I binged. I had no clue what they were really about, but once I got into them I was hooked! I can’t tell you how hyped I am for the new Disney+ series, because this series is finally getting the adaptation it deserves!

6. Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

Y’all, this book. THIS book should probably be higher on this list, but I decided to leave it here for now. I had a little bit of a debate about which Wax&Wayne book I liked best, and the second one easily wins that prize. This, in my opinion, was the darkest of the first three. And the plot twist at the end???? Are you kidding me??? I literally had to take a day off reading to recover from this one, because wow. Sanderson knows how to trick you into thinking you have it all figured out before he pulls the rug out from under you. Also, if I remember correctly, this book got me out of a reading slump, so there’s extra points for it!

5. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

This was once my favorite book way back when I first read it. I had been wanting to watch the Studio Ghibli movie, but I have a policy about reading things before watching the film/TV adaptations. When I found the book in an Indiana Books-A-Million, I bought it and proceeded to read it as fast as I could. This book sucked me right in! The humor was done so well, and it was a nice, fun read compared to the things I usually end up reading (you know, stuff with tragedy in them and stuff). I would really like to read this again sometime soon, most likely in October!

4. Lovely War by Julie Berry

This is such a beautiful book! It had me crying the entire time, and I’m not joking! In fact, I have a few family members who cried the whole way through, too! Everything about this book was pure poetry. And did she REALLY throw Greek Mythology into the mix? YES PLEASE. This book is everything I could ever want in a love story. Yes, it had it’s moments where it was absolutely heart-shattering, but I still enjoyed reading it. Give it a try if you’ve never read it!

3. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I wasn’t THAT impressed with Six of Crows when I first read it. I felt like the hype was too much and I just didn’t like it as much as everyone else liked it. However, as time went on, I realized I like this book VERY much. In fact, I talk about it to anyone who will listen (haha, just kidding!…maybe). I think the Shadow and Bone TV show also helped with me liking this book more since I got to see the characters in action, because the actors did a wonderful job portraying the Crows. I also love that each character has such unique backgrounds and personalities, because there were a lot of details about them that I’ve never seen with other characters in different books. Also, the worldbuilding was spectacular and I may or may not have taken some notes… Anyway, I highly recommend this one to any fantasy lover!

2. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

This book used to have the top spot before getting bumped down to second place, but I still love this book A LOT. I read it December of 2020 during a hard time in my life, and this book became my escape. I easily became attached to Heathcliff and Catherine. The whole goth vibe of the story was exactly what I needed at the time, and is still a feel I love. The writing style in this is exceptional! There are so many quotes in it that I may or may not use frequently… I’ve been wanting to collect different copies of the book because there are so many beautiful cover designs! It’s just a gorgeous, creepy story all around!

1. The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know this became my favorite book as soon as I listening to it on Audible. I can’t pinpoint exactly what made me fall in love with it so quickly. I guess it was a combination of excellent characters, a unique plot and world, and a writing style that is really something to be jealous over as a writer, haha! I had heard of Brandon Sanderson before, and had even started reading The Way of Kings by him. When I realized the books were all set in the same world, I went back to start with the Mistborn trilogy. I was NOT disappointed! This series has such a special place in my heart, and The Final Empire is the first book that I have started to annotate. I can’t wait to read it again this year!

And finally, that’s that! This Top Ten post was scheduled to come out literally two weeks ago, but things kept happening that required me to move it. But it is finally here! I have kind of redone my life’s schedule, so I’m hoping it means I can get to blogging more often. I really want to stick with the schedule I laid out in August. Wish me luck!

Let me know your thoughts on my favorite books! Tell me your top ten! And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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