Throwback Thursday 9/8/22

Hey guys! It’s time to go back in time again, and this time I decided that it will be a moment in history. To be more specific, a moment in my history, haha! Saying it that way makes me sound old… Anyway, this moment in my life is like, up there in my top ten memories because it was a time that was very special to me. Check it out!

That Time My Sisters And I Stayed Up Playing Kingdom Hearts II on Christmas Eve

First of all, let me tell y’all that my family has many, many Christmas traditions. One of these happens on Christmas Eve, between my sisters and I. For as long as I can remember, we have always had a little sleep over in my room the night before Christmas. Now that we’re all pretty much adults, we still do that, which is great! But this particular time was Christmas Eve 2018, which feels like forever ago now.

So I had recently started getting into Kingdom Hearts, and I was making my way through Kingdom Hearts II. I distinctly remember starting the game exactly a week from Christmas and being so excited to start it! But I will admit this: the first time I played it, it was on a PS2 emulator on my PS3. That being said, it was subject to bugs. And the night before Christmas Eve…I ran into one.

My sisters and I had been planning for a while now that I would play this on Christmas Eve when they come to sleep in my room, so we were all bummed out when I ran into the final boss in Space Paranoids and ran into a serious glitch. I was doing my best to beat the boss, and it wasn’t hard, but the thing’s health was frozen so nothing would hurt it. Now the funny thing is that I believe it is actually a thing that this boss’ health bar doesn’t go down normally, but I knew this was a glitch because I was fighting it for more than an hour and it wouldn’t budge.

So what does my tech savvy dad do? On Christmas Eve he spends probably way too much time creating a shell of a save file so that I could try beating the boss on a PS2 emulator on his computer, and we would then bring it back over to the PS3. I kid you not, minutes before my sisters and I would be starting our sleepover tradition, he got it to work and I beat the boss, and we then switched back to the PS3.

So thanks to my dad, we were able to get past that glitch. It was such a fun night, and I was glad I was able to make memories with my dad and sisters! A lot of the reason why KHII is my favorite game is because of all the memories I’ve made with it.

These days I actually bought KHII for the Xbox, so I don’t have to worry about glitches, haha! And the next day, Christmas morning, I got the preorder for KHIII for Christmas! So there was a lot of Kingdom Hearts going on that Christmas, haha!

Anyway, I will stop talking now! Let me know of any throwbacks you have in the comments below! God bless y’all and have a wonderful weekend!

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