Face Reveal!

Hey guys! As you can tell by the title, today I am doing something that I have been thinking about for the last few years. I started this blog back in February of 2017, but I have never shown my face here before! There’s not really any reason why I haven’t, like, I’m not self-conscious about the way I look or anything. Just haven’t gotten around to it! That being said…today is the day I show my face to you all! Also, I’m just going to talk a little bit about me and stuff like that. I’m sure you’re dying (just kidding lol) to know what I look like, so let’s get into this…

Me! ❤

Yep, that’s me. Did you imagine something different? Let me know in the comments…

Anyway, now that you know what I look like, let’s talk a little bit about who I am.

I’m 20 years old (going on 21 in October), and I’m a Sophomore (soon to be a Junior) in college. I am currently at a community college right now, but I will be transferring to a university this spring! I’m really excited for that! I’m studying computer science (specifically C++), and hope to be an independent game developer.

I make my living as an English tutor at my community college (best job ever!), and I also get a little money for being president of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. I teach piano here and there, though these days I mostly just teach my little brother, haha! I would love to be a freelance writer on the side, but we’ll see what happens…

Besides blogging, I like to write fiction novels and short stories (mostly fantasy), though I dabble in poetry at times. I’m also a gamer and a giant Kingdom Hearts nerd! I love playing piano, and I’m a proud bookworm. I like trying new things, so I’m always up for finding a new hobby!

Aside from all that, I found this funny little questionnaire that I thought I’d fill out just for the heck of it. I took out some of the questions because I’ve either already talked about the subject or they were about things that have never happened to me (I also put together questions from other questionaries). Take a look!

Current Mood

At the time of writing this, I’d say I’m pretty calm. I’m usually pretty chill (just stressed on the inside, haha!). When this releases though, who knows?

What is the last song you listened to?

Again, I don’t know what this’ll be at the time this post releases, but right now I think it was something on the radio that I can’t remember for the life of me, haha! The last song I DO remember hearing was someone’s cover of Hoist the Colors by Hans Zimmer. It was pretty cool!

Favorite Song?

Ekk…either “Don’t Think Twice” by Utada Hikaru (from Kingdom Hearts III) or “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys. For classical, I really like La Campanella by Liszt, and for worship music I love So Will I by Hillsong Worship. I really like music so It’s hard to pick one…in other words I have a long list, haha!

Favorite Novel?

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. Hands down. Please read this!!!

Where would you like to travel?

Japan, probably. I want to see the Square Enix building up close…

One of your insecurities?

Uhhhhh myself in general? Haha! I find it hard to be myself around a lot of people, including my closest friends. I’m afraid people will shun me for my geeky, nerdy ways…

Any siblings?

Yep, three brothers and two sisters, all younger than me. Never a dull moment for sure!

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I’m not all that crazy of a person, so I can’t say I’ve done anything REALLY crazy. One time I stayed up all night playing video games. By the time this post releases, I might have done the craziest thing ever: stay up for 30+ hours because of a plane flight and going to work as soon as I get home.

Quote you live by?

“It’ll be hard”. Sounds strange, but it’s been life-changing. I believe I talked about this before in a Blogmas post, but this became something like a motto for me sometime last year. In the song “Face My Fears” from Kingdom Hearts III, there’s a part where there’s a word spoken over and over, and there’s been multiple translations for it. My favorite translation is “it’ll be hard”. In context, the song is basically talking about how you’ve got to face your fears even though it’s scary, and it’ll be hard, but you can do it. So when I say “it’ll be hard”, I mean it’s going to be difficult but I can still do it if I work hard.

One of your fears?

Hmm…animatronics. I have a lot of random fears (and true fears), but let’s go with this one today. I mean, what’s NOT scary about them? Don’t expect to see me in Chuck-E-Cheese or something like that. I’m also terrified of Five Nights At Freddy’s because of this, hahaha! Animatronics haunt my dreams… Okay, not really, but still…

One of your passions?

God? I have a lot of passions, following God is my biggest one!

Is there anyone you wish you were with?

Hm, I’ll say my best friend. Haven’t seen her since I was like, 10 or 11 (at the time of writing this at least), so it would be nice to hang out with her.

What is your best friend like?

She’s, like, the BEST. She’s super chill, and even though we’re really different from each other and live hundreds of miles away from each other, we have a lot of similarities! She is also a writer and likes to play video games (you should see her Animal Crossing worlds). She’s real cool and has honestly helped me become a better person. Check out her blog here!

What does the last text you sent say?

At the time of writing this post, my last text says *clears throat*: “😂😂 Yeah I probably should have done that 😂😂 I want to keep working on it but I need to stop lollygagging with RK 😂😂”

……As you can tell, I like emojis. As for what I should have done, that remains a secret… Totally kidding, I was chatting with my best friend about how I stayed up until 2 writing this scene for a future novel when I should be working on my current novel, which is lovingly referred to as RK (which stands for Raven King, which is totally not the real title, haha!)

What is your idea of a perfect date?

The book store? Coffee? Talk about books? I’ll marry him right then and there. In the bookshop.

Totally kidding, but if a guy took me out to a bookstore and got me coffee and talked about books with me, that would be an A++++ date.

Last movie you saw?

Hmmmmmm the last movie I watched all the way through was Murder on the Orient Express (for the third time). I caught glimpses of Ratatouille yesterday. When this post comes out, I have no idea what I will have watched last, though, haha!

Favorite Actor

It depends on the day, I guess. My top three in no particular order is Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston, and Gina Carano. Most days Johnny Depp is my number 1 favorite. Such talent!

Who is someone you miss?

I miss a whole lot of people! At the time of writing this post, I am actually about to go up to Indiana to see some family who I miss a lot, but when this releases, I will have already seen them. I also miss my best friend a lot, and some other friends I haven’t seen in a while. Also, I’m at work right now so I miss my family too… Let’s just say I’m lonely right now *cries*

What upsets you the most?

When people who don’t respect me or my opinions.

Do you want to get married?


This is getting to be a long post, and you’re probably getting tired of me blabbering on about myself, haha! Give me your thoughts on things in the comments below! To make things fun, take a couple of the questions and answer them for yourself, because I’d love to see that!

As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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