Sneak Preview

Hey guys! If you read my post where I announced my newest series, Music On My Mind, then you know I’ve been thinking about what the future of I’d Rather Be Geeking will be like. I’ve been thinking of other sorts of series I could do, and what the scheduling will look like. In the past, and as of now, my posting schedule is quite sporadic. Sometimes weekly posts don’t come out when they’re supposed to, and sometimes I go for a while without posting at all. I don’t want it to be that way in the fall, and with how much I have on my plate, I began to reevaluate things; not just for this blog, but for my life. Thankfully, God gave me the gift of time management!

In this post, I just wanted to share a glimpse of what my schedule will look like starting this September. August might be a little iffy since I’m still trying to work things out, though, so just bear with me! I’ll also be giving the titles of some other smaller series style posts I’ll be doing, so I’m excited for those as well. (Also, when I talk about my next short story, keep in mind this with NOT be releasing in September with the rest of my weekly posts). Take a look!

Sporadic –

Alongside my series type posts, there are some posts that will be released when something happens, like a video game announcement or if something new is coming to the blog. This will include:

  • Reviews (i.e. books, movies, etc.)
  • Recaps (i.e. Game Awards, E3, etc.)
  • Announcements

Time to Time –

Let’s be real: with this new schedule, some series won’t make it. And sometimes, maybe there’s nothing to report on! Because of this, I made this section for my series posts that will be coming out whenever I’m ready to post them:

  • Princess Geek Travels
  • Music On My Mind
  • Blogmas

Every Two Months –

I’ve got a lot of series, which means sometimes I won’t be able to get them all out every month, you know? So some of them will be released every two months! Check it out:

  • I’ve Got A Theory…
  • A Look At Character Development

Monthly –

I want to get a better schedule down with these so I can posts stuff like these more often (like literally, I realized I haven’t done a Writing Update post in FOREVER). Anyway, these will be the series posts that will be released on a monthly basis:

  • Inspiring Characters
  • Writing Tips
  • Top Ten
  • Princess Geek Reads (What I Read…, What I Want To Read…, etc.) *There will be an average of 3-4 of these posts a month*
  • Life Lessons In Fiction
  • Writing Updates
  • Day In The Life

Weekly –

There are a couple familiar titles here, but I also came up with some other new things! Also, you get a little sneak peak of the title for my short story (which will now be releasing weekly!). Check it out:

  • Weekly Dose of Scripture
  • Quote of the Week
  • Short Stories – Divine Heist *This will be officially announced in August*
  • Throwback Thursday

As you can see, I’ll have a lot going on! Over the summer (and actually during the spring as well), it occurred to me that I do a lot of stuff… I mean, obviously I knew this before, but this year was when it really hit that I was going to have to be extra strategic with my time. This fall, I will be working multiple jobs, trying to get an agent for my novel, all while continuing my education. And that’s only the half of it! I’ve always been one to put too much work on myself, but honestly, I feel useless if I’m not doing anything. But, as I said, over the summer I realized I was going to have to strategize. Part of this meant that I needed to structure my blogging schedule to make sure I don’t disappear on you guys like I have done so often. This sort of restructuring is happening in other aspects of my life, and I’m already feeling better about my schedule!

In the future, I will most likely be advertising on social media and maybe even doing some collabs. I am thinking up a new logo, and will be doing a face reveal here soon!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for sticking with me and reading my posts! Seeing your likes and comments always make my day!

God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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