Quote of the Week 7/12/22

Hey guys! I’ve luckily been getting back into reading after quite a long slump, so my mind has been on books lately. This is good, since I was starting to get behind on my reading goals. Anyway, since books have been on my mind, I thought it would be appropriate to do a book quote! And what better author to choose one from than Brandon Sanderson? I know, I know, I always do…but I just can’t help it!

“Spook, child. You want to be like me? Really like me? Then fight when you are beaten!” – Kelsier (Mistborn: Secret History by Brandon Sanderson)

I was down between one quote from the Wax & Wayne series, and two quotes from Secret History. I just recently finished Secret History, so as that was still fresh on my mind, I decided to go with this one. I’ll wait to give my complete thoughts on this absolute trainwreck (and I mean trainwreck in a good way) for the end of the month, but for now, I’ll let you catch a glimpse of the complete FEELS this story gave me. I mean, HOW? HOW does Brandon Sanderson always have something else up his sleeve? Kelsier says it best: “there’s always another secret”. This scene though. THIS SCENE. It was scene originally from The Hero Of Ages, and Secret History went and revealed it was Kelsier who was speaking to Spook (I had assumed it was Preservation). It made this part that much more special and I may or may not have been tearing up a little, haha! Spook became my favorite character after Kelsier was gone in the original Mistborn trilogy. His desire to be like Kelsier was one of my favorite parts about him, so seeing this conversation between them – and knowing what it led Spook to sacrifice – really made this scene. And the ending of Secret History between them… okay, my thoughts on that will have to wait on that. Sorry!

What do you think about this quote? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

All media property of Brandon Sanderson

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