Quote of the Week 6/27/2022

Happy Monday everyone! Last Friday was the release of the brand new Fire Emblem: Three Hopes game, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it! Back when I got Fire Emblem: Warriors, I would play it with my sister. I was glad that Three Hopes is also multiplayer so we could do the same! To celebrate its release, I figured we could do a quote from the original game: Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

“Perhaps because of my strength, I have always been rather clumsy. I always end up breaking things that are precious…” – Prince Dimitri (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

Dimitri was actually born with some sort of inhuman strength (according to a conversation from Three Hopes), which most likely has to do with his Crest. As a result, he has a bad habit of breaking things. Throughout the game, he tries to do tasks such as sewing, but always ends up snapping the needles in half or breaking the scissors. He even breaks his own weapons! But the reason why I chose this quote is because that last part. I have a feeling he means more than simple objects, and is meaning his own friends. During the time this quote is spoken, it is after the five year time skip, which means after his mind breaks. His decent into madness was hard on his friends, and he knew it. As he works to improve his mental health, he also tries to bend his broken friendships.

What do you think about this quote? Let me know in the comments below! As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

All media property of Nintendo.

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