The Unlikely Prince – Interlude

Interlude: Fate

There was something unnatural and unexpected about seeing Death mourn. All this time, I had worked to see if I could change him into something better- if he, too, could learn to love. It was only then that I realized I succeeded, and the irony of it made me smile despite the pains of dying.

Death had fallen for Love.

It is true. While Janus is the embodiment of Death, Princess Emerald was the embodiment of Love. Perhaps you wonder how such things as Love could die- how I could die. We are not gods, but we are not quite human, either. When one of us falls, another will simply take our place. Some of us are more human, while some of us are revered as a sort of deity. Though I have greater powers than most, I am no goddess.

Is this the end of our story, then? Love’s demise, Death’s heartbreak, and the kingdom’s fall? I did my best to stop this from happening, but I did not realize Death’s powers had grown so much. Even now, I wonder what could have happened if they had been born normal, without these powers. Would they have even met? Janus is indeed Emerald’s True Love, but that is only their human side. In all our history, we have never had one of our own as our True Love. That is why I had hope that perhaps I could change him.

But all is not lost.

With the last of my strength, I rewrite the ending. Though I cannot control people directly, I can give them a nudge. And with help from Time, I can give Janus another chance. But this will not only destroy me. It will strip Death and Love of their powers, leaving them completely mortal. It may even shatter their reality, though I do not know it what way.

But for the sake of their kingdom, their people…I am willing to try.

~ <♥> ~

This will most likely be the final interlude in the story! I can’t believe how close to the end this story is, because I’ve been working on it for quite a while! Again, I can’t thank everyone enough for reading this story. Every like and comment makes me smile!

Let me know your thoughts on this part, and what you think might happen in the final chapters! And as always, God bless y’all and have a great weekend!

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