The Unlikely Prince: Part 29

Part 29: Fate’s Wrath

Janus could here the wedding going on in the chapel down the hall. The white double doors were shut, and a pair of guards stood before them, but they would not get in his way. As soon as those guards saw him coming, they lifted their spears, but all it took was a glance at his bleeding irises and blackened hands to frighten them.

“It would be wise,” Janus said in a commanding voice as he approached them, “if you stood aside. I will not hold back if you stand in my way.”

The guards, wide-eyed and clearly trembling, barely budged from their place, making Janus roll his eyes.

“I admire your bravery,” he said, lifting a hand. “But you will regret it.” He felt magic course through his veins like fire. That untamed rage bubbled up inside him and he could no longer control it. So when he stretched out his hand, the guards dropped their spears and slammed against the wall. They cried out in both fear and pain, but Janus’ ears were focused on the wedding on the other side of the doors. He could hear the priest saying, “If any should object to this union, speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

A wicked smile spread across Janus’ face. “It appears my time has come,” he said to the guards as he dropped them to the ground. He strode past them and, with a burst of magic, blew the doors open. The atmosphere seemed to freeze as he stepped into the chapel. The guests rose from their seats and turned to him, their eyes going wide with horror when they saw him for what he was. Even Hunter, standing at the alter in his finest clothes, was pale with fear.

But then there was Princess Emerald. Her gown was the purest white, with lace and pearls, with a veil that reached the floor. She was watching him too, but not in fear. He wouldn’t have been able to stand it if he had seen fear in her eyes. Now, he only saw shock, and perhaps a bit of curiosity.

“Your Majesty,” Janus said as he strode down the aisle up to the alter. “I’m afraid I have an objection to this union.”

Hunter quickly wiped the fear from his face and replaced it with annoyance. “How did you get in here? Where are the guards?!”

“I handled them myself,” Janus said with a laugh. He raised his hands. “And now I will handle you!”

Just as he moved to use his magic on the king, a terrible roll of thunder shook the palace; and it was not his magic that caused it. The guests shrieked, clearly thinking he was to blame for the quakes, and began jumping up and running from the chapel.

Janus turned his eyes to Emerald, who was finally looking afraid with wide eyes and an open mouth. He started towards her, but before he could get close, the ceiling burst open and a blinding light forced him back. For a moment, there was silence, until the light died down. Janus slowly opened his eyes just as the people around him began to shriek and run from the room, shoving past him as they went.

A glowing woman with a large sword and angel’s wings stood in the center of the aisle, and her galaxy-like eyes were focused on him. The dress she wore was pure white, like her skin. Even her hair was the same, glittering with tiny stars.

Was this…Fate?

Janus clenched his hands into fists at his sides. “What is the meaning of this?” he shouted as the last of the guests ran from the chapel.

The woman laughed, but it was not a happy sound. The chapel shook with the noise, and Janus had to cover his ears when it felt as though his eardrums would burst. “I have come to avenge what has been rewritten,” she said in a booming voice.

The rage in Janus boiled up to the point he could barely contain it. “So we are not free to live our own lies?!” he cried. His lungs burned with every breath and the magic coursed through his veins.

“You are not allowed to imbalance life,” Fate said. “And by allowing your magic to flourish, you have done just that.”

“Janus!” Emerald’s voice came from behind Fate. He spotted her, with Hunter’s arms around her and fear in her large eyes. The magic in him pulsed at the sight of her.

“I was just about to remedy that,” he said darkly. His voice barely sounded like his own, now. “Will you stand in my way?”

Fate’s eyes flashed as she raised her sword. “Can you not see? It is too late for that.”

Even as she said it, he could feel himself losing his grip on his magic. It was like it was being pried from his fingers, struggling to be free. His head pounded in time with his heart. The inky blackness of his hands traveled through his veins until his body burned as though it were on fire.

At last, the magic broke free, with a cry of rage. The lights dimmed, and the glass burst from the windows. Darkness spread through the room and the building began to crumble. No matter how much he tried to hold back, the magic refused to obey him.

The last thing he remembered was a terrible flash of light, a large explosion, and finally, a cold, lonely darkness.

~ <♥> ~

These last few parts have been really fun to write, and I can’t wait for the next ones! Thank you to everyone who’s been keeping up with this story, I really appreciate that!

Let me know your thoughts on this part in the comments below! And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful weekend!

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