The Unlikely Prince: Part 28

Part 28: Impending Doom

When Janus woke up, he was in a prison cell, laying in the grimy, dirt-covered floor. He pushed himself up, but regretted it when pain pulsed in his head, and he remembered how he got there. The soldiers had knocked him out…just great. And the wedding! Was it about to happen, or had he been out for so long that it had already passed?! He ignored the pain and jumped to his feet.

“Hey!” he shouted as he wrapped his fingers around the cold metal bars on the cell door. He gave them a hard shake, but they didn’t budge. “This is a mistake! Let me out!” He startled when he finally noticed his hands, however. It wasn’t only his fingers that were black, now.

His entire hands, up to his wrists, where completely black, and the veins traveling up his arms were slowly becoming as though ink ran through them instead of blood. He stumbled back from the door and stared at his skin in horror. There was a pale in the corner, and he took it and rubbed some of the dirt off so he could see his reflection. As he suspected, his eyes were the same inky blackness. He cursed under his breath.

He was going to lose control over his own magic.

A flash of color from behind him mad him whirl around, and his eyes widened when he found the green fairy standing there in the cell with him. She stared up at him not in disgust, but in some sort of solemn acceptance.

“I’m too late…aren’t I?” he said, his voice so raspy it didn’t even sound like his own.

“Nearly,” the green fairy said. “The wedding is in an hour. You are about to lose control of your magic. Fate will show her wrath, now.”

Janus ran his hands through his hair, wincing when he touched the sore spot where he had been knocked out. “I should have seen it,” he said under his breath. “I was supposed to be with Emerald, because she has the power to counter my magic to make it dormant. Why didn’t I see it before?”

“Because you were blinded by your hate,” the fairy said, crossing her arms. “You have held so much rage, so much hate, for too many years. The humans have wronged you, but you still have the power to forgive, and to love.”

“When have I ever had the power to love?” Janus asked, turning to her. “Look at me. This is what I am. This is what I was born to become. A monster.” He looked down at his hands. “Who could ever love a monster?”

The green fairy studied him, her face expressionless. Then she sighed. “You never gave anyone the chance to, Janus.”

He huffed in defeat, leaning back against the brick wall. “Then this is it, then? Emerald will marry Hunter, and I will lose control of my magic? If that is the case, then I need to go back to the Wastelands.”

The hint of a smile showed itself on the green fairy’s face. “But Janus, you are not listening to what I am saying. I said that you were only nearly too late.”

Janus paused, his eyes widening. “I can stop the wedding,” he said, standing up straight. “If I stop the wedding, and let Emerald counter my magic…can I calm down Fate?”

“You have already tempted Fate enough, but it is worth a try,” the green fairy said. “But you must hurry. I can help you escape, but no more. I am risking enough wrath just by being here, without my sisters’ knowledge.” She floated to the cell door, and all it took to undo the lock was a simple touch of her hand. The lock fell to the floor with a clatter, and the door creaked open.

“What can I do? Just go up and stop the wedding?” Janus said. “What if I get caught on the way up?”

The green fairy’s wand appeared in the air and she waved it around. “I can make you invisible, but only for a few minutes. Go up to the throne room and admit your feelings for her. But you have to hurry! Fate’s wrath will not be held back for long, and neither will yours!”

Even as she said it, Janus could feel the magic in his veins like boiling water. His heart was pounding. His body trembled. “What will happen if I lose control?” he asked, his voice shaking.

Her face darkened. “Then nothing will be able to stop you.”

He swallowed, then turned towards the door. He couldn’t let that happen. He had always known he had more power than his sister and parents put together, but had tried to bury it for so, so long. But it was tired of being hidden now, and it would reveal itself soon enough. Unless he used the counter magic, which Emerald apparently had.

“Thank you,” he said, giving the green fairy one last look.

“Thank me when this is over,” she said, and with a poof of green smoke, she was gone.

Janus left the cell and glanced down the hall, making sure the way was clear of guards. There was a death-like silence. Perhaps most of the security was above to make sure nothing went wrong at the wedding?

His confidence growing, he started at a run down the right hall, and made his way through the maze of the palace.

~ <♥> ~

It’s happening guys! The end is coming up, and I can’t WAIT to show y’all what I have planned! If I’m being honest though, there are two ways this story could go; it’s either about to end in the next few parts, or I will decide to take up the other idea I had for it, which would make the story a little longer. I don’t really know what I want to do with this yet though, so yeah…we’ll see! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this part! Put your thoughts in the comments below!

God bless y’all and have a wonderful weekend!

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