Princess Geek Travels: Florida Vacation Day 1-2

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last Princess Geek Travels posts, but I am FINALLY on vacation after what had to be the most challenging semester of school I’ve ever done. But it’s over now, and it’s time for some relaxation! Like last time, I’ll be combining most of these posts (if not all of them) so that I update every other day, and here’s why. When it comes to a relaxing vacation, my family likes to go somewhere we’ve already been so it’s not like we’re constantly on the go sightseeing. That destination for us is Destin, Florida. we’ve been coming to the very same place since 2016 (there were a couple years we skipped), and it’s probably one of favorite locations because it’s one of those vacations where you can just sit on the beach and read for hours if you wanted to. My kind of fun!

Anyway, we drove all the way here yesterday, so obviously nothing really happened then, but it still counts as day one of our vacation. Usually the drive isn’t terrible, but for some reason those last three hours just dragged. We started off at around 4AM, and we didn’t get to the condo we’re staying at until around 6PM, so it was quite the drive. But let me tell you, it’s not as near as bad as the drive to see family in Indiana and Kentucky. This time, I thought it would be funny if I tried to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies on the way. Unfortunately, the internet was spotty, as is natural when you’re on the road, so I wasn’t able to get through all of them. But I was able to watch the entire first one and almost an hour of the second one, so it wasn’t too bad! I’m hoping to be able to watch the last three hours of the second one and all of the third one on the way home, but we’ll see.

But enough about the car ride! Once we finally got to the condo, we did something we’ve never done before. Usually, we bring all of our stuff up to our room and get settled, but there was no time for that! So this is our first time not coming here in the fall, so the water looked a lot different than what we’re used to seeing. I have never seen it look so beautiful, so we had to go down there right away!

Destin, Florida

See what I mean? Once we took in all the sights, we took our stuff up to our room, then went shopping for some stuff we needed. We were all beat from the car ride, so we went to bed earlier than is usual for vacation days (I have a tendency to stay up extremely late during my vacation times, but after finals and everything, I was exhausted).

We all went down to the beach this morning, and that water was cold. Like I said, we usually come in the fall (usually in September), so the water is warmer. But it was so clear we could see the bottom even when it was well over our heads. It was also pretty calm, which is another thing I’m not used to. Funny story, but in 2020 we came with my grandparents and cousin, and it happened to be when Hurricane Sally came through. Then it wasn’t very funny since the storm caused some damage, but later, the waves were HUGE.

The only thing about the water being that clear and calm is that it can trick you into thinking you’re not that far from the shore. We all went out pretty far, and there would be times we couldn’t touch the bottom and got wore out trying to keep swimming. And if you dive down, the pressure literally crushed your lungs, so that’s a weird thing to feel.

My youngest brother likes to collect all the sea creatures he finds while we’re down there (don’t worry, he sets them free before we go in for the day). Today, we caught something I had never even heard of before: a Sole Fish. These things are pretty weird, because they’re flat and sideways. They hide themselves in the sand, but you can still there little eyes poking up. Their jaw is even sideways, and their fin looks like it’s on the top of their head, so they’re weird looking, haha!

In the past, we always invited my Nana along for the trip, and while there were times she didn’t come, this time she did! She got here today, and we mostly sat around and hung out. We went down to walk along the beach for a while, and it was so pretty!

Destin, Florida

Tonight I hope to hang out and watch the first episode of Shadow and Bone, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Fun fact, this is my first time ever coming here without having to do school, so that’s a big relief for me! Let the vacation begin!

Let me know if you are planning any vacations, or if you’re on one right now! I’d love to hear from you! As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

6 thoughts on “Princess Geek Travels: Florida Vacation Day 1-2

  1. Wow, that’s beautiful! I hope you have an incredible time!
    Btw.. I don’t know if you’re familiar with horseshoe crabs? But they hide just beneath the sand and have quite a mean stinger.. They’re awfully pain to step on so take care where you step!

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