A Kingdom Hearts Celebration Day 14: All About Xion

Yesterday I went through all of the members of Organization 13, with an honorable mention for Xion (since she’s not technically a real member- sorry Xion!). But today, since it is day 14, I’ll be giving a deeper look at Xion by going over some facts about her. Take a look! (Minor Spoiler Warnings!)

Who Is She Really?

While Nobodies aren’t supposed to exist, Xion takes it to a whole other level. Xion is not a Nobody at all. Instead, she is a Replica created by Vexen who’s purpose is to siphon Roxas’ power. The other members refer to her as a puppet. So where does her personality and everything come from? As Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days progresses, Xion begins taking in Sora’s memories. To put it simply, Xion is a reflection of Sora’s memories, especially his memories of Kairi. This heavily effects her interactions with the other Org. members.

The Many Faces Of Xion

Xion doesn’t really exist, so she has no face. As I said above, this effects her interactions with the other Org. members. Most of the Org. members have had a run-in with Sora or some version of him at some point in their lives, and since Xion is a reflection of Sora’s memories, she will look different depending on who looks at her. For example, Roxas sees her how we see her, with short black hair and blue eyes. When Xigbar looks at her, he sees Ventus. In the games we don’t get to see how the others see her. Riku is clearly alarmed with who he sees when he looks at her for the first time. In the mangas, however, they give us some insight. Riku saw Kairi’s face when he looked at her, and it is said that Axel actually saw Namine. I can’t recall if they ever said who Saix sees, if he sees anything at all. Many of the Org. members just see her for what she is: an empty puppet.

What’s In A Name?

There are two things that stand out about Xion’s name. First, her name means “I won’t forget you” or “remembrance”, which is painfully ironic considering that upon Xion’s death, everyone promptly forgot she ever existed. Second, whenever a new Nobody joins Organization 13, the letters of their original name get swapped around and an X is inserted, as I explained yesterday. The X is actually known as the sigil, and whoever has a sigil will constantly be on Xehanort’s radar. In other words, Xehanort will always know where they are. Anyway, if you take the X out of Xion’s name and swap the letters around, you get Noi – No. i. In mathematics, i is an imaginary number. i is also roman numeral 1, so it’s essentially saying No One. *cries*

This was another short post, but I thought it would be nice to have a post dedicated to Xion! Give me your thoughts on it in the comments below! As always, God bless y’all and have a great day!

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