A Kingdom Hearts Celebration Day 9: My Top Ten Favorite Worlds

Hey guys! I’m going to do another Top Ten post for today! There are many Disney worlds to visit in Kingdom Hearts, as well as worlds that are original to the series (such as Traverse Town). I’m going to be counting down my top ten favorite worlds in Kingdom Hearts! As usual, this is completely my opinion. Take a look!

10. Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion

As difficult as the gameplay in Chain of Memories can be, I really liked going through the floors of Castle Oblivion. It’s such a strange place, and it has this vibe that’s hard to describe. Originally, Castle Oblivion was called the Land of Departure, which was where Master Eraqus was training Terra, Aqua, and Ven to be Keyblade Masters. When everything went down in Birth By Sleep, the place turned into Castle Oblivion, and Aqua hid a comatose Ven in the Chamber of Waking. I feel like there is still more to learn about this place, so I’m interested in seeing if it appears in any more games.

9. Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastian

I feel like this should be higher on the list, but I’ll leave it here for now. In the first Kingdom Hearts, Hollow Bastian is one of the last worlds to visit. Let me tell you, the music in this place is brilliant! I went to the World of Tres orchestra a number of years ago, and I got to hear the Hollow Bastian theme live. It was really cool! Anyway, Hollow Bastian was originally named Radiant Garden, and after the first couple games, it returns to the state it was before it was named Hollow Bastian. Radiant Garden is a beautiful place, and something is always going on there!

8. Destiny Islands

Destiny Islands is a really fun place to hang around, but we don’t really get to go there often! It’s Sora and Riku’s hometown, and Kairi grew up there after mysteriously finding herself on the islands (she is originally from Radiant Garden, and we found out the reason she popped up in Destiny Islands thanks to Melody of Memory). It’s a super chill place, and the music is pretty nostalgic for me. I really wish we could play around there more often!

7. Timeless River (KHII)

For the first Disney world on the list, we have KHII’s Timeless River. When I first came here, I got REALLY excited, because I’m a fan of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons (even if they are a little creepy). Sora got a whole new design for it, and everything was in black and white. It’s a super fun world to play through!

6. Port Royal (KHIII

While I like Pirates of the Caribean’s Port Royal in all the Kingdom Hearts games, I loved KHIII’s version the best. Not only do you get to explore a more detailed town, you also get to have your own ship and travel across the seas! I explored for literal hours and had the time of my life! There’s just something about pirate games that remind me of my childhood (I used to be obsessed with pirates) so I loved the detail in this world. Not to mention that the animation was just brilliant, and you can tell they took the most care in this world. It’s hard to tell the difference between the animated cutscenes and the actual movie at times, so I thought it was very well done!

5. Keyblade Graveyard

Like Radiant Garden, there’s always something going on whenever we get to go to the Keyblade Graveyard, and that something isn’t always a good thing. The end of Birth By Sleep took place here, and so did Kingdom Hearts III’s ending. The Keyblade Graveyard is where the Keyblade War took place, and there were no survivors besides the Dandelions, which were special Keyblade warriors trained to avoid the war in order to protect Light from expiring for good. The place is exactly what it sounds like. Keyblades are EVERYWHERE. Laying around, stuck in the walks and floor. Keyblades as far as the eye can see. And you know, if you played Union X, that means your keyblade is around there somewhere…

4. Toy Box (KHIII

I am really not that big of a Toy Story fan (don’t fight me, please), but I thoroughly enjoyed the Toy Box world in Kingdom Hearts III. Sora, Donald, and Goofy turn into toys for this one, so I thought that was pretty adorable! You go through the toy store from Toy Story, and there was all kinds of stuff to do! Not to mention that this was the world that brought in Yozora and Verum Rex, so there were a lot of foreshadowing going on here. And we got some Final Fantasy Dissidia references too!

3. Halloween Town (KHII)

Halloween Town is fun all the time, but I particularly liked it in KHII. The Halloween part is all fine and good, but Christmas Town is even better! The snow is all sparkly, and you get to go to Santa’s workshop, and it’s all very fun. However, I really hate the boss fights in this world, because they can be difficult. But I have a save spot reserved for times I just want to hang around Halloween town since I like it so much, haha! I’m also a big fan of Sora’s Halloween and Christmas outfits. I hope they include this world in future KH games, since I especially want to see Riku go there!

2. Traverse Town

Traverse Town is one of the most nostalgic worlds in the game for me. It’s the first world go to in the series (besides Destiny Islands), and the music is so calming I could listen to it forever. I especially liked it in Dream Drop Distance since we got a The World Ends With You crossover. Actually, this game was what got me into TWEWY because seeing the characters intrigued me.

1. Twilight Town

In first place, we have Twilight Town! Twilight Town first appears in Kingdom Hearts II, so I guess it’s no surprise that this is my favorite KH world if you know me. If I find Traverse Town nostalgic, Twilight Town is even more so for me. I first saw this place when I was pretty little, and the vibes it gives off have stuck with me for years. “Lazy Afternoons” is one of my favorite tracks, and I’m really hoping it makes a return someday if we ever get to go to Twilight Town again!

That’s all of them! Tomorrow I will be doing a similar post, except I will be counting down my top ten worst Kingdom Hearts worlds, so stay tuned for that! Now I want to know what your favorite Kingdom Hearts worlds are! Let me know in the comments below!

God bless y’all and have a great day!

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