Quote of the Week 3/14/22

Hello all! While my celebration for the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary continues, I am still doing Kingdom Hearts quotes in the meantime! We’ve got two more weeks left until the big day, and I can’t wait! Even if nothing big is revealed that day, it will still be fun to celebrate the day (my siblings and I takes stuff like this pretty seriously, haha!) I actually have work and school all day on the 28th, so I will be celebrating the day before, on that Sunday. Perhaps I will even recap what my siblings and I do?

Anyway, let’s get onto the quote!

“What is your problem?! You both…think you can do whatever you want. Well, I am sick of it! Go on, you just keep running! But I’ll always be there to bring you back!” – Axel (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)

This is one of the most famous Kingdom Hearts quotes out there, and I know for sure I’ve done it before in the past. But seeing as this is a quote that is dear to the fandom, I thought it was worth bringing up again. 358/2 Days is a real soul crusher, and this one quote, when put into context, just sums it up nicely. Throughout the game, Axel becomes close friends with Xion and Roxas. However, Xion learns that she is a Replica who is (involuntarily) siphoning out Sora’s memories. At this point, Sora is in a coma after the events of Chain of Memories, and her taking his memories is keeping him from waking up. Meanwhile, Roxas finds out he is Sora’s Nobody, and his existence is also keeping Sora from waking. In order to bring Sora back, both Xion and Roxas need to die. They both see their fates as the greater good, since Sora is the one who must go to save the worlds from darkness. Axel sees this differently, of course, and tries everything to stop Roxas and Xion from dying. In one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the game, Axel confronts Xion, and when she is adamant that she must die, Axel vents his frustrations to her about her and Roxas’ decisions. Xion forces Axel to fight her, and neither come out winners. The aftermath of the battle is perhaps one of the saddest scenes in the series, in my opinion. It’s definitely a tearjerker!

What do you think about this quote? Let me know in the comments below! And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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