A Kingdom Hearts Celebration Day 6: Unanswered Questions… Part 3

We have finally arrived at the third and final part of my Unanswered Questions mini-series! I love to research and theorize on fictional matters, so I had a lot of fun writing these! I may end up doing something more with this and end up making this a series where I break down theories for a single subject from any video game, but I’m not sure yet! For now, let’s take a look at two more unanswered Kingdom Hearts questions!

What’s In The Box????

For many years now, the infamous Black Box has been a big deal within the Kingdom Hearts fandom. The Box made its first appearance in the Kingdom Hearts Back Cover movie (someone correct me if I’m wrong about that). The Master of Masters had tasked all six of his apprentices with a special role that they had to fulfill, but Luxu, the sixth, got the most important role of all. The Master gave the No Name keyblade (the one with the Master’s eye in it that I talked about yesterday) to Luxu and told him to travel through the ages so that the Master could see the future through the eye within the keyblade. You can view No Name below…

No Name Keyblade (Property of Square Enix)

At first I assumed the eye was not really the Master’s, but later on in Union X it is revealed that the Master was not lying at all about placing his own eye in the key. It’s hard to miss in the image, haha! Anyways, he also gave Luxu a mysterious Black Box to lug around, telling him strictly not to open the thing. Luxu, of course, flips out because he wants to know what’s in the darn thing. So the Master whispers the Box’s contents in his ear, and we in the audience are excluded from this information. Luxu is shocked at whatever the Master told him, and when he asks why such a thing would be in the Box, the Master replies with, “You’ll see”.

Here’s the Black Box…

The Black Box (Property of Square Enix)

So I was studying up on the appearance of the Box, and I had never even realized there was a freaking inscription in the center of the emblem! The inscription is “χsuper”, which may make zero sense by itself, but we have a bit of a lead when it’s put into context.

First, the Master and his six apprentices may all represent the seven deadly sins. Ira = wrath, Aced = sloth, Invi = envy, Gula = gluttony, Ava = greed, Luxu = lust. Everyone just assumed that the Master represented pride, which would make a whole lot of sense. And now we may have proof of that, because “χsuper” could be a reference to pride (the Latin word for pride is “superbia“). Interesting, right? As for why that’s written on the box, I have no idea.

I also didn’t realize that the box has thirteen locks. Could this mean that thirteen people have to unlock it? Does that have something to do with Organization 13?

I don’t want this getting too long, so I’m going to jump to discussing, you know, what could be in there. The Box appears to be quite heavy, since even the Master had trouble moving it by himself (and poor Luxu is just a kid at the time of getting the Box and he had to lug that thing all over the place). I think the Box itself might be heavy rather than something inside of it causing all the weight, but who knows? I’ve seen different theories around, with some people thinking another copy of the Book of Prophesies is inside, or perhaps a Replica or someone’s heart. I think it’s plausible to think that it could be the Master’s heart. We know he wanted to time travel, so he could have sent his eye and his heart with Luxu so that there was a version of himself in the future (since one of the laws of time travel in Kingdom Hearts requires there to be a version of the time traveler in whatever era he/she wishes to travel to). Also, the Master is constantly wearing a black coat. Int he Organization, the Nobodies wear black coats to keep the darkness from swallowing them up (I believe it’s because they are more susceptible to it as Nobodies, but I could be wrong). So it is possible that the Master is just an empty shell.

At the end of Kingdom Hearts III, we find out that Luxu’s final body is that of Xigbar. He joins up with four of the other apprentices, but before the conversation gets really good, the scene ends with a close up of the Box. Some time after KHIII’s release, a Character Files book released with a bunch of stuff on the lore of the Kingdom Hearts characters, and Luxu had a lot to say about the Box. I won’t really get into here since it’s pretty complicated, but I’ll just say that he implied that the Box might not even exist at all, or that it’s a red herring. I think it’s totally possible that the Master came up with the Box as a distraction, but like, why??

Another implication in Luxu’s journal entry was that the Box does exist, but in some points in time it could be empty. This probably has something to do with the paradox the Master was talking about, but again, extremely complicated stuff without going in-depth.

There’s a ton more about the Box, but since it’s time to move on to an even bigger mystery, I better keep this short.

The Master’s True Identity

Like the Black Box, we have been waiting to find out the Master’s identity FOREVER. Every time we think we’re about to know it, we meet another dead-end. We have many clues as to who he really is, but a lot of them could be red herrings.

First, the Master of Masters had quite a few scenes in the Back Cover movie, thought hey were mostly flashbacks. He ended up disappearing, leaving his apprentices with the threat of a Keyblade War (which the Master wrote about in the Book of Prophesies). He appears in Union X a lot, and briefly in the Kingdom Hearts III secret ending in Quadratum. Interestingly enough, he is voiced by Ray Chase, who is also the voice actor for Noctis in Final Fantasy 15. We got a lot of FF15 vibes in Kingdom Hearts III, including Somnus (the theme for FF15 being played in the secret ending when we see Yozora and the Master. The use of this theme was most likely directed towards Yozora, but I still think it’s interesting that the Master and Noctis share the same voice.

There are a multitude of theories about the Master. Some say he could be another version of Xehanort, or that he may be a character we have yet to meet. Bigger theories are that he is an older Luxu or Sora. These two are my favorite theories, though I won’t really dig into them today because that would get extensive, haha!

Anyway, whoever the Master is, he is a genius. It is still a mystery as to why he gave Luxu the Black Box, and why he wants to time travel, but there is a lot that we do know about his plans now. The end of Union X revealed that the Master was grooming his apprentices for his plans. He wished to send them into the future so that they could be consumed by darkness, which would then make it easier for darkness to be destroyed (since it would have a human form). In the Back Cover movie, the plot is focused on the possibility of a traitor within the Union Leaders. The Master had written in the Book of Prophesies that there would be a traitor, but he ripped this page out so no one could read it (except for Gula, since his role was to find and stop the traitor). It turns out later that this hunt was something like a wild goose chase, since Luxu ended up being the traitor per the Master’s instructions. It makes me wonder if the Master set it all up just so that the Union Leaders would turn against each other, which eventually caused the Keyblade War. Either the Master truly did see into the future and write down the events to come, or he wrote down what he wanted to happen and caused the events himself. He’s smart enough to do that, at any rate.

I’m probably going to stop here, because I don’t really want to get into any direct theories of who he is. I may end up writing posts about each theory (ex. he’s Sora, or he’s Demyx, etc.). The theories are quite extensive, so they would definitely take up a single post for each of them. If you’re interested in seeing something like that, let me know!

At last, my blathering is complete! At least, for this series it is! As I said, I had a lot of fun with these and I found out some new information myself! Tomorrow will finally be something new, so you can look forward to that. Thank you for bearing with me while I went over these theories, I know they are A LOT. If you have any thoughts on these mysteries (or any other) please let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

All media property of Square Enix

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