A Kingdom Hearts Celebration Day 4: Unanswered Questions… Part 1

Hey guys! I’m back with the next day of this little Kingdom Hearts celebration, and today I’m going to be breaking down some of the big questions we still have for Kingdom Hearts! Some of these have been a mystery for some time now, and I’m really itching for answers! Take a look!

White Coats

In Kingdom Hearts Union X (a mobile game), we were introduced to the mysterious White Coat. We already knew about the Black Coats, aka Organization 13. Let me give some background before I start theorizing.

Union X takes place YEARS before Sora, the protagonist of the series, is even born. We’re talking centuries and centuries. It this “Age of Fairytales”, we are introduced to a plethora of characters, but I want to focus on the siblings, Lauriam and Strelitzia. Lauriam is actually the Nobody of Marluxia, a character in other titles, so we have some time traveling going on here. But I’ll talk about that in a few minutes.

Anyway, the siblings were meant to become new Union Leaders after the original ones disappeared, but Strelitzia was mysteriously murdered before she could join with the other leaders, and it was supposed that one of the five was the imposter, if you will. The last half of Union X was basically the Kingdom Hearts version of Among Us, if you have played that. Lauriam is scrambling to find his sister, not knowing that she isn’t alive anymore yet. Later, he has a dream which gave us a pretty alarming realization. We had Black Coats, but now there’s a White Coat.

Everyone assumes that this White Coat is Strelitzia’s angel or something. I’m not going to get too in depth with theorizing here, because this’ll be a terribly long post if I do, but I’m just going to say that I really believe that White Coat is Lauriam’s sister, and that it really is her angel. In a flashback scene, Strelitzia is lamenting to her brother that she can’t gather lux (light) as fast as he can, and that she isn’t as strong as he is. However, she promises him that someday she’ll be the one to watch his back, not the other way around.

Much later, after the whole time traveling ordeal, and once Lauriam is now Marluxia, there is something that raised eyebrows once the fandom started to put the pieces together. Whenever Marluxia is in battle, there is this large angel-looking creature standing behind him with a very large scythe.

See there? She’s watching his back, right? Perhaps Strelitzia became his guardian angel? We know that the White Coat was also transported through time thanks to some scenes at the end of Union X (at least, I think we’re sure), so it is entirely possible that this is her. What’s crazy to me is how long Mr. Nomura must have been planning this, since we first see this guardian angel in Chain of Memories, which came out back in 2004. Clearly, Mr. Nomura is great at playing the long game.

Another note, while writing this I found out that the Strelitzia flower, which is known as the Bird of Paradise flower, symbolizes immortality. Interesting…

Project X

Project X is something I’ve discussed before, and something I’m very interested in knowing more about. So far, all we know about Project X is that she was an object of interest for Ansem the Wise and his pupils, who were all scientists. Apparently this girl just appeared in the middle of the road, much like Terra-Xehanort (Terra being controlled by Xehanort) did in Birth By Sleep. We also know from the Secret Reports written by Terra-Xehanort that Project X time traveled, since he suspected her to be from the “Age of Fairytales”, she’s fifteen years old, and that she only remembers that she had four other friends. Putting that all together, it does help to narrow down the possibilities of Project X’s identity.

Later, we find out that Lea and Isa (Axel and Saix’s Somebodies) met this girl, and had attempted to rescue her from being experimented on. Unfortunately, Ansem the Wise did away with the girl, and he may be the only one who knows where she is. I believe Project X is either Strelitiza, Skuld, or Ava, since they all fit Terra-Xehanort’s description. If you’d like to read further into this, check out my post about Project X!

Is That You, Shibuya?

The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts III brought Sora to Shibuya, Japan, right smack in front of the 104 building. Now, there’s been some controversy over what this means. And just to clarify, the 104 building is actually the 109 building in real life. So when you see 104, that means this is a different reality of Japan. And in what Square Enix game did we see the 104 building before?

The World Ends With You!

As soon as the KHIII secret ending came on, I knew right away that I was about to see something from TWEWY. Then the 104 building flashes across the screen and I lose my mind a little, right? Well I’m starting to wonder if this is THAT 104 building, even though it would make perfect sense. I tend to drag on talking when it comes to my theory for this, but I’ll do my best to keep it brief!

Anyway, in Dream Drop Distance, in which there is a small crossover between The World Ends With You and Kingdom Hearts, Neku, the protagonist of TWEWY, tells Sora that he should come visit Shibuya sometime. This scene was on the fans’ minds once they saw the secret ending, so of course the connection was made.

We know Sora must have given up his life to bring back Kairi after Xehanort killed her, so it’s safe to say he’s dead, which would be why he appears in TWEWY’s Shibuya. In TWEWY, when people die they are sent to another reality where they must compete in the Reaper’s Games in order to win a second chance at life. If Sora died saving Kairi, it would make sense for him to be in this “game”. Also, players receive a timer, which tells them how long they have to finish each task within the game, and it appears on the palm of their hand. It’s interesting that the game emphasizes Sora looking at the opposite hand that the timer appears on, so we can’t know for sure if he’s actually in the game.

Of course, it’s always possible that this is an entirely different Shibuya, as I’m starting to think. But still, the timing of the release of NEO: The World Ends With You feels too perfect for me. In NEO, the subject of the neighboring city, Shinjuku, Japan, is deeply in the plot. And where do we see Riku in the KHIII secret ending? Shinjuku, Japan. Interesting, right?


As I mentioned above, Sora ends up in what looks like Shibuya, Japan, and Riku is there with him (though it turns out that Riku was only dreaming). So while we’re trying to decide WHICH Shibuya it is, Melody of Memory comes out and calls the place Quadratum. So like, what the heck is that? Does this mean that this place isn’t Shibuya at all, but just a weird look alike? There’s so many questions without answers! But just for clarification, the reason why I kept the section above talking about whether or not this place is the same Shibuya from The World Ends With You is because it still COULD be Shibuya…we just need to figure out this Quadratum stuff.

Anyway, Quadratum is Latin for…wait for it… “square”. Not very helpful, right? The only connection I can find is Square Enix, and the company’s past name which was simply Square. Could that be connected somehow? Also, in mathematics, the term “quadratic” was derived from quadratum. Why is this important? Well, near the end of Union X, there is a scene where the Master of Masters is speaking to Darkness. Now, we know that the Master visited Quadratum, since we saw him there in the KHIII secret ending. And in this same cutscene with Darkness, the Master states that he wants to go to “a world unseen and inconceivable”, which I assume to be Quadratum. This implies time travel, but I’ll talk about that more next!

Getting back to the topic at hand, when the Master is talking about this world, Darkness asks if he means a fictional world. This is interesting because in Melody of Memory, we learn that Quadratum may be a fictional world. This is a blow for my theory that the Master is talking about Quadratum in this cutscene, because he tells Darkness that since fiction is something that can be conceived, he is not looking for a fictional world. Again, he is looking for something inconceivable. He goes on to say this, which has baffled the entire fandom…

Kingdom Hearts Union X (Property of Square Enix)

Clearly, we have a lot going on here. Immediately, we see the symbol in place of a word, and let me tell you, I had to dig to come up with some meanings for it. Unfortunately, I’ve been met with some dead-ends with my research.

There are a few meanings I have been able to come up with. First, I came across a three year old Reddit post in which someone questioned the meaning of this symbol in a mathematical sense. At first I also thought it was something relating to math, since I assume the Master is talking about Quadratum here (which is where the term for the quadratic formula came from, as I mention above). According to one Reddit user, he said: “The way my teachers taught it to me was that we use this to indicate an answer to a question that isn’t possible.” That quickly caught my eye because of the Master’s insistence that the world he was looking for is something inconceivable, which is a synonym for impossible.

However, there is also a comment in the cutscene which informs us that this symbol is called Komejirushi, which is a Japanese reference/footnote. When I research that, I found that it signals when something important is being said. When I thought about that, I wondered if this could just be a placeholder for what the Master is really saying simply because we can’t understand it yet or because we’re not supposed to know.

There are a couple other possible meanings, but this is already getting incredibly long, so I’ll have to stop here! If you’d like me to make a post dedicated to Quadratum, please let me know and I would be happy to do it!

I’m going to stop Part 1 right here, because this is pretty long and a lot to wrap one’s mind around! I had a lot of fun with this, so I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on it! Theorizing and researching is clearly one of my many hobbies, so I would be happy to dedicate a single post to any of these three topics (except Project X, since I’ve already done a post on that. You can see it here!).

Anyway, Part 2 will be out tomorrow! Until then, God bless y’all!

All media property of Square Enix

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