Hey guys! If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, or your a Kingdom Hearts fan, then you know that the 20th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts is in just a couple weeks! I’m really excited to see what’s in store for the series, and I have a feeling the fun will be going on past March. This leads me to my announcement!

I will be holding a little birthday celebration for Kingdom Hearts here on the blog! It will be a lot like Blogmas, where I posted every up to Christmas day. This time, I will be releasing twenty posts leading up to the 20th anniversary (the 28th of March)! Originally, I had very large plans for what I would be doing, but for my own sanity and wellbeing I ended up extending it to last throughout the year to where it would end on September 17th, which is the 20th anniversary of the Western release of Kingdom Hearts. Since whatever Kingdom Hearts announcements Mr. Nomura has in store for us may not be limited to March (or they may not even happen in March), and because Kingdom Hearts has two different birthdays, I thought this would work out pretty good!

So here’s how it will work! As I said, I will be releasing twenty posts leading up to March 28th. After that, I will be doing more posts throughout the next few months dedicated to Kingdom Hearts, including some very special content that I have been working on since August of 2021! I’m really excited to share this special content with you, and you can expect the first of it to come in either April or May (it will depend on the status of the special content). Originally this special content was going to be released within the last week leading up to the 28th, but y’all, I was wearing myself out trying to get it ready. I’m liking the idea of keeping it going until the anniversary comes to full circle in September, too!

This celebration begins tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for the first of my posts! I’m looking forward to celebrating with my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans!

So what do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to hear from you! As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful day!

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