The Unlikely Prince – Interlude

Interlude: Janus

Emerald couldn’t believe that I was assigned as her new Guard. I can barely get my mind wrapped around it myself. I have been shadowing her for two weeks now, every second of the day, and I am beginning to realize that my plan to avoid her was actually a good idea. It is getting harder than ever to ignore this…”string” that has tied us together. I wonder if there is a plane of existence where this so-called “string” is visible to the eyes, and one could see how taut it has grown between the princess and I. It is a very strange thing to feel. 

     The fairies can probably see it. They warned me that fate will exact a punishment on me if I defy it. If that string snaps, will that be the moment that fate decides to step in? And in what form will the punishment take? Will it be my death? If I die, perhaps it is for the best. If I die, Emerald can focus all of her love on her betrothed. I know how much she cares for me. I don’t like that she must marry someone she doesn’t love romantically, but I am not a stranger to putting aside desires for the sake of carrying out your duty. Even if I don’t agree with it, I must admit that she will be better off with the king. He will be kind to her, and never hurt her. I know, because he has always been so gentle with her, and he bends to her every want and need. I don’t know if I could do that.

     I am everything Hunter is not; brutal, cruel, selfish. I have this darkness in me that is getting so very hard to hold back. Sometimes it comes out in the times that it is harder to bottle my emotions. The room will grow cold, and the lights will dim. I don’t know the full extent of my power, but if it is anything like my sister’s, then I know I must keep the princess, and the kingdom, safe from it.

     The uniform I now wear has not distracted me from the uniform that I wish to wear; that of the Knights of Dusk. It is still my greatest desire to be inducted into the group, though I wonder if Thomas has thrown the duty of guarding the princess at me in order to keep me occupied, since he may not wish me to become a Knight of Dusk. I don’t blame him, but he is sorely mistaken if that is the case. Of course, he did say being the princess’ Guard would actually bring me more opportunity to become a Knight of Dusk, so maybe he is trying to help me after all. If so…I wonder how long I will be forced to stand by and watch the princess go about her life…watch her spend time with King Hunter. I wish I could say that I can’t explain the ache in my heart when I see her smile at him, or kiss his cheek. 

     But I know all too well why that ache is there. And when I catch the princess stealing a glance at me, I know that she is feeling it, too.

~ ~ ~

We have reached our second interlude! This time we get a little sneak peak at Janus’ journal, and I think we are getting very close to a confession of love from him! But he’s very stubborn about his feelings, so we’ll have to see what happens…

I hope you enjoyed this little interlude! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

And as always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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