Blogmas Day 18: Christmas Traditions

Hey guys! I was doing some thinking about what else I could for Blogmas, and I decided that I could share some of my favorite Christmas traditions! My family had quite a bit, but I think I’ll narrow it down to just a few so I’m not boring everyone to death with my stories. Anyway, let’s get to it!

Advent Calender

This one has been in my family for a long time! When I was really little, my Nana gave us this little advent calendar that was shaped like a house. It had doors all over it for each day, and when you open, different Christmas songs will play! There would be candy inside the doors, too! Another thing we do in November is we take construction paper and cut it into strips, then make a ring chain out of them. Every night of December leading up to Christmas, we open a door on the advent calendar and tear a ring off of the chain. We’ve done this for so many years! It’s exciting to watch the chain get shorter and shorter as Christmas comes closer!

Christmas Sight Seeing!

Another thing we’ve done every year for a long time is to go to Cracker Barrel, then get hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights. However, it’s been modified every year. Some years we go to neighborhoods that are competing in Christmas light competitions, or sometimes we just drive around our own neighborhood. For the last two years, we’ve gone to this place called Elf Acres, and they’re pretty decked out! It’s always been something I look forward to! I can remember when I was younger we went to do it, and I was playing Sims Mobile on my iPad. It was Christmas on Sims, too, so I was really in the Christmas spirit!


If you read my Christmas Tag post, then you know what “Momnas” is. Otherwise, let me offer an explanation. I know my grandparents on my mom’s side as Mom and Papa. But why do I call my grandma “Mom”? Well, when I was really little, I heard my actual mom call her “mom”, so I started doing it too! It stuck, and now we all call her that, haha! So what is “Momnas”? That would be what takes place on Christmas Eve!

Used to, before my grandparents lived across the street from us, they would come down from Kentucky for Christmas. Now that they live close, we’ve been going to their house for Christmas Eve for years. We eat dinner there, and then we have our annual Nativity play, and we read from the Bible. After that we open presents. And every single year, the first presents we open are matching Christmas pajamas for all the grandchildren (there’s seven of us). It’s my favorite night of the whole year!

Christmas Eve

After spending Christmas Eve with my grandparents, we head on home. My sisters have a sleep over in my room, and we stay up late eating junk and whatnot. Last year we facetimed with some friends, and that was fun! But every year since 2018, I always play the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2. This came to be when, in 2018, I was playing KH2 for the first time, and I played a lot of it on Christmas Eve, so now the opening theme, “Sanctuary”, reminds me of Christmas! We have a lot of smaller traditions that go on that night, but I’ll stop here to prevent a terribly long post, haha!

Secret Santa

Moving on to Christmas morning, a longtime tradition of ours is Secret Santa. Every November, my siblings and I draw each others’ names, and we get that sibling a gift for Christmas. It’s really fun, even though someone is bound to accidentally spill who they got (it’s happened a few times, haha!). Some of the siblings can be quite hard to shop for, but that’s the challenge of it! On Christmas morning, we reveal who we got and present our gifts!

So there are five of my family’s Christmas traditions! I have a very sentimental family, and that’s why we have a lot! I always look forward to them every year, and it’s really what makes the holidays so special to me! Do you have any Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful weekend!

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