Quote of the Week 11/22/21

Hey guys! After a break from doing themed verses and quotes, I’ll get back on track with a very well known Kingdom Hearts quote. When trying to think of quotes that had to do with being thankful, I immediately thought of this one. Take a look!

“Thank Namine.” – Jiminy’s Journal (Kingdom Hearts)

In Chain of Memories, Namine warps Sora’s memories so that he forgets Kairi. Namine inserts herself in Kairi’s place, which makes things pretty complicated for Sora. At the end, Namine presents Sora with two choices after going through the floors of Castle Oblivion and losing most of his memories; he can either go back to the way things were with his memories before (in which case he would forget Namine), or he can choose to remember Namine and go on without his lost memories. Sora chooses to go back to the way he was before, and Namine complies. However, Sora tells her that he will meet her again one day, and he will thank her for helping him. Jiminy writes it down in his journal so they don’t forget. Of course, here we are multiple games later, and Sora still hasn’t given Namine a proper “thank you”. We’ll just have to keep waiting for that one!

I hope you like this week’s quote! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! As always, God bless y’all and have a very wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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