Quote of the Week 9/6/21

I know I skipped last week’s quote, and honestly I didn’t even realize I did until a few days ago. The last few weeks have been an uncertain time for me, since my school was debating whether or not to allow students on campus or not, and I was anxiously awaiting the verdict. This is my second year of college, and I have not had a single class on the campus, so I was hoping to be able to finally get to go! They ended up deciding that we’ll all be going back, so I was busy getting ready for that and taking some time off before I got busy again.

All of that is completely besides the point, but I have to give some excuse for there being no quote last week, right? Well, anyway, let’s get on with this week’s quote!

“Me join you?! Does a pegasus join with the flea on its back? The dragon, with a cow it eats?! You forget you place, boy! I am the conqueror! I will unite the world!” (Walhart)

“No! I will. And not by forcing all the people to choose the sword or the knee. Peace will only come by stoking people’s hearts…not their fear!” (Chrom)

– Prince Chrom to Walhart (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

I went back and forth with multiple Chrom quotes, because I love so many of them and I feel like they all deserve some time in the spotlight. Eventually, I decided to go with this one because it shows Chrom’s character so well. Fire Emblem: Awakening was the first Fire Emblem game I played, and I found the prince to be a very impactful character. He goes through most of the second half of the game knowing that his fate was to die at the hands of the Avatar, someone he cared a lot for. Thanks to Lucina coming from the future, the characters are able to be warned of his fate and they work to change it. However, Chrom goes on knowing that in some reality he is killed (and knowing they might not be able to change it.) Because this was something I loved about Awakening, I was tempted to use his battle line “Anything can change!”. To me, this line was his way of challenging fate.

Anyway, back to the quote above, we can tell what Chrom values in a ruler. Since his sister had died, he was the heir to the throne, and he wasn’t about to let the enemy take his kingdom from him. He’d never allow anyone to rule his people with fear. Chrom is young, but it is clear that he is a wise ruler who cares deeply about his people.

I hope you liked this quote! Let me know of any others that you have in mind in the comments below! God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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