Weekly Dose of Scripture

There has been a lot going on with me, my lovely readers, so please excuse the lack of posts for the last three days! School is starting back for me next Monday, and God has blessed me with many leadership opportunities and a ton of responsibility, so last week as about me getting everything straight, and this week will be the same! However, I will try my best to prioritize keeping up with posting articles and such, so no need to worry (if, you know, me not posting anything is even a reason to worry, haha!)

ANYway, let’s get back into the habit of these weekly posts, starting with some Scripture! I have one that you’re sure to like, and it makes me very happy that it rhymes, making it easy to remember (says the girl that had to look it up again…)

What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee. – Psalm 56:3

I told you you’d like it! Let me tell you, I have been afraid recently. There’s so much scary stuff going on in this world — so much uncertainty. It’s hard not to be afraid when you look at it! But this verse is something to hold onto in this trying time. This world, however crazy, however scary, however chaotic it gets, is in the Lord’s hands. So when we are afraid, we can look to Him and trust that He has a plan for us and we will come out of the fire much stronger than we were before!

I hope this encourages you this week! Trust in the Lord always! Now, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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