Princess Geek Travels: Day 10 + 11 of Colorado Trip

Hey guys! It’s time for my final post for my Colorado vacation! It was a fun trip and I got to do and see a lot of things, but I’m so glad to finally be home! Not a lot happened today since we just drove the rest of the way home, but yesterday we went to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and it was a pretty neat place, especially since I happen to be reading Dune by Frank Herbert! Sandworm references were definitely thrown around that day, haha! Anyway, I’ve got some pictures to share with you!

Great Sand Dunes
Great Sand Dunes

This place was huge, and the dunes were super tall. In fact, the tallest one is about 755 feet! It takes hours to climb to the top, so we didn’t have the time to do that. Still, it was pretty cool to look at!

Great Sand Dunes

People had little sleds to slide down the dunes and that looked really fun! Except for the fact that it was, you know, really sandy, and I don’t like getting sandy. Que cringy Anakin Skywalker lines about how much he hates sand!

Apparently you can also camp out in the dunes, and that does sound like something I’d want to do! I can’t imagine how the stars must look from there! I hope to come back there one day to stay a bit longer to see what it looks like at night!

For the rest of that day, we just drove, which is what we did all of today as well. I was so relieved to finally be home! Traveling is fun and all, but there really is no place like home. Though…I do miss that Colorado weather…

I hope you enjoyed my documentations of my traveling for the last week! God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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