The Unlikely Prince – Interlude

Interlude: Hunter

It’s been a year since Janus awakened Princess Emerald. A year since he began training to become a Knight of Dusk. He is making progress, I have to admit. He is a skilled swordsman, if he tries. Now that a year has passed, a few of the children that trained with him have already been dismissed, their talents making them good enough to be a knight, just….not a Knight of Dusk.

Tomorrow we will know if Janus will be chosen to be a squire to one of the Knights of Dusk. I am sure that he will, since, as a grown man, he has bested all the children. He is…quite awkward around them, to say the least. It is almost as if he fears them. It is also awkward to watch him train among them, since he is so much older. He is in his early twenties, the time when a squire would be knighted. He is so very far behind, but it was a small price to pay in order to have Princess Emerald back.

Speaking of Emerald…something strange has been going on with her. Ever since my coronation a few months ago, she seems to be avoiding me — ignoring me, even. When I press her about it, she denies it, saying it is only in my mind.

However, I often catch her stealing wistful glances as Janus.

~ <♥> ~

Hello my lovely readers! The Unlikely Prince is finally back on a roll, though only a day late! We have reached our first interlude, which will be portions of the story where we get the inside scoop of what our heroes are writing in their journals! Look at us, snooping around in the king’s journal!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this interlude! Now that E3 is over, I will be catching up with all the posts I have on the backburner, so be sure to keep an eye out for those, particularly the next Inspiring Characters!

God bless you and have a wonderful week!

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