Who Is Project X? Another Kingdom Hearts Mystery

If there’s one thing that’s certain in Kingdom Hearts, it’s that there are many, many mysteries. Every time we get a new game, more questions are asked than answered. One of these mysteries is Project X, which has been hinted as far back as Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and was finally given a name in the secret reports in Kingdom Hearts 3. So they’ve been planning this for awhile now, and before I get into pulling this mystery apart, I’m going to give some background information! Also, be warned, because there will be Major Spoilers!

*Deep breath* Okay, so as I mentioned, Project X was hinted in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. This game centers around Organization 13, and we find that Axel and Saix, who had been best friends before they became Nobodies, are planning something without Xemnas’ knowledge. Whatever this thing is, Saix is VERY set on seeing it through. However, it never tells what this plan is until Kingdom Hearts 3, though please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Saix and Axel (who is now Lea), meet up before the final battle, and they discuss their plan. We find that it was a girl they were after; an old friend. They became Nobodies to figure out what had happened to her. In Kingdom Hearts 3’s secret reports, it details exactly what went down.

So when Lea and Isa (Saix as a human) were kids, they snuck into Ansem the Wise’s laboratory and found out they were keeping humans in the lab to experiment on them. One of these was a girl, who is only known as Project X. This girl didn’t remember anything – not even her name – except for the fact that that she had four friends. Xehanort, an apprentice of Ansem the Wise, was able to find out her age (she is 15 years old) and decided that she had to have come from a different point in time; a time out of fairy tales.

This all heavily suggests she came from, well, the Age of Fairy Tales. Because of this, my list is composed of characters from that timeline. (Oh, and this timeline is covered by the mobile game Union X and the Back Cover movie.) I have the characters I suspect the most here on this list, in no specific order. Take a look!


Skuld, a former Dandelion and one of the new Union Leaders (Property of Square Enix)

Background: Skuld was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union X. She is is one of the Union Leader Ava’s Dandelions, which are keyblade wielders meant to survive the Keyblade War and carry on the light. She is later chosen as one of the new Union Leaders. She is close friends with Ephemer, another one of the Dandelions and a fellow Union Leader. The two had once formed a group of keyblade wielders meant to gather light, but it turned out these wielders only joined because of Ephemer. She never had many friends beside Ephemer and the new Union Leaders (and the Avatar, of course).

She honestly reminds me a lot of Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, but seeing as how Tetsuya Nomura designed both of these characters, that’s not surprising. There are quite a few similarities between his characters, and sometimes it’s a coincidence, sometimes it’s not.

Her name is taken from Norse Mythology. In mythology, Skuld was one of three Norns who were in charge of fate, which is pretty cool! Funny enough, there is a character in Dark Road named Urd, which was also the name of one of the three Norns. As for whether these two characters have anything to do with each other, I have no clue.

The last time we saw Skuld was in the last Union X update, where she fought off Darkness with the other Union Leaders.

Does she meet the criteria?: Let’s look at what we know of Project X again. She possibly came from another time, which is Skuld’s time. She remembers she had four friends, which Skuld also has (Ephemer, Brain, Ventus, and Lauriam). As for her age, it’s hard to say how old Skuld is, but considering that the new Union Leaders are all very young, she’s probably around 15. I think there’s a pretty good chance that Skuld is Project X!


Ava, one of the Foretellers (Property of Square Enix)

Background: Ava made her first appearance in Kingdom Hearts Chi as one of the Union Leaders. She also played a major part in the Kingdom Hearts Back Cover movie. She was one of the Master of Masters’ (another KH mystery) apprentices, and her role, given to her by the master, was to gather keyblade wielders, the Dandelions, who, as I mentioned above, were meant to survive the Keyblade War.

As you can see in her picture, she wears a fox mask, and we’ve never actually seen her face. Her name, Ava, comes from the Latin word (“avarice”) for “greed”, which is one of the seven deadly sins. Actually, the other apprentices, along with the Master and Luxu, are all named after the seven deadly sins, which I think is really interesting.

Ava, along with the other Union Leaders, disappear after the Keyblade War, but while the others make an appearance in Kingdm Hearts 3, Ava does not.

Does she meet the criteria?: Ava has four friends, not counting Luxu and the Master, so that checks out. She’s from the Age of Fairy tales, and she does appear to be fifteen years old. She also has something in her story that the others don’t have; the fact that she didn’t appear at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 with the rest of the Union Leaders. Gula points this out when they reunite with Luxu. Whatever happened to her, I think Luxu knows what it is. According to the secret reports, Luxu, otherwise known as Xigbar, had paid Project X a few visits before he became a part of Organization 13.

There are theories that Ava is Darkness, but that’s a story for another time.


Strelitzia, who was meant to be a new Union Leader (Property of Square Enix)

Background: Strelitzia was Lauriam’s littler sister (Lauriam is Marluxia before he lost his heart and became a Nobody). She was a keyblade wielder and was chosen by Ava to be one of the new Union Leaders, but by an unfortunate turn of events, she was mysteriously killed. For awhile, Lauriam thought she was simply missing and spent his days looking for her. However, it was revealed that Ventus, who had stolen her place as one of the new Union Leaders, was the one who killed her; under the influence of Darkness, of course.

So like, sounds like she’s dead, right? No way she can be Project X. Well, hear me out.

There was a cutscene where Lauriam was visited by a woman in a white coat, and a lot of people, including myself, believe her to be Strelitzia. Also, take a look at this picture…

The Specter, or Marluxia’s Angel (Property of Square Enix)

There’s a ton of speculation going on to who this Specter is, and most of the bets are on Strelitzia. But what does this have to do with her being Project X? Well, think of it this way; what if Organization 13 turned her into this as a part of the project? It would make for an interesting turn of events, and one that would make Saix and Axel’s personal mission personal to Marluxia and Larxene as well.

Does she meet the criteria?: Strelitzia was around the age of fifteen, but it’s hard to say whether she had friends or not. Strelitzia was very shy, and usually only had Cherithy (the teddy bear looking Dream Eater in the picture above) to keep her company. If fact, in Kingdom Hearts Union X, Strelitzia desperately wished to become friends with the Player, but was too shy to ever work up the courage to talk to them. Plus, she’s, you know, dead. I would kind of be surprised if it turns out that she is Project X because I feel like the others have better chances, but who really knows!

These are the three suspects I have for now. I do want to point out that she could even be one of the female characters introduced in Dark Road, but I really don’t have enough information on them to include them into this post. But if you have any other ideas of who Project X could be, please let me know in the comments and I might give her a post all to herself! Also, if there are any other Kingdom Hearts mysteries you’d like me to tackle, let me know! I’d be glad to do it!

As always, God bless y’all, and have a wonderful week! May your heart be your guiding key!

All media property of Square Enix

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