BREAKING NEWS: Square Enix Reveals

Hey guys! I had a really hard time keeping up with how much has been going on, but I thought I’d do a quick news wrap up for all the stuff Square Enix has revealed this week, because, hey, this is some big stuff! Take a look!

First things first, it’s time to say goodbye to two Kingdom Hearts games; Kingdom hearts Union X and Dark Road. The two mobile games will be ending in April and May respectively. I can’t say why they are no longer going to keep up with the games, especially since Dark Road isn’t even a year old yet. However, X will be ending it’s story, so there is that. Although I didn’t play either of these games all that much, I’m sad to see it go.

In other news, as I’m sure a lot of you are aware of by now, Square Enix had some big announcements regarding the Final Fantasy 7 Remake the other day! First off, we have the new Playstation 5 version of the Remake with brand new graphics and picture mode! Check it out!

See the PS5 graphics compared to the old PS4 graphics!

But wait…who was that at the end??? That’s right! It’s Yuffie!

Yuffie will be getting her own game titled Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade, and, if I heard correctly, it will be the length of two chapters. They kept to her original design, and I”m really loving that! Check out the trailer!

Yuffie joins the game!

To be honest, I’m not sure at all how I feel about this. I guess I feel like it’s not really needed, but I’m probably just bitter that it’s a PS5 exclusive and, well, I don’t have a PS5! Still, I’m warming up to the idea of intergrades..

Also, there at the end of the trailer you can see Weiss, who was the villain in Dirge of Cerberus. In fact, the secret ending of that game marked the return of Genesis, who was the villain in Crisis Core…that makes me wonder what kind of stuff they’ve got planned, and the suspense is killing me!!!


Square Enix also revealed not one, but TWO new additions to the world of Final Fantasy 7! Since I will be saving the best for last, let’s take a look at the new trailer for Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, which will be taking place thirty years before the original game!

Battle Royal!

If I didn’t know what to think about the Yuffie intergrade, I really didn’t know about this! I seriously have doubts about this game…it just hasn’t grabbed my attention at all, but I’ll see what I think about it after a few days. I’m not exactly sure what it’ll be about exactly, but I am a bit curious.

And now for the game I’m most excited about! They also announced Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, which will be releasing sometime in 2022. Take a look!

A whole new remake!

Yes, that is exactly what you think it is. An entire remake of not just Final Fantasy 7, but also Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Advent Children, AND Dirge of Cerberus. I kind of lost my mind a little but there, especially there at the end when we have Zack Fair in the flesh! It will be a stab to the heart replaying Crisis Core, but oh my goodness, it’ll be worth it! The design is so, so amazing! I’m loving that it gives off the feel of the original, but is still a fresh new look!

When I said quick, I really meant it, didn’t I? So much to do, so little time! Now I want to hear your thoughts! Tell me what you think about all these reveals in the comments below! As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Square Enix Reveals

  1. Ooo, nice! I like the looks of the Yuffie story, honestly. (Er, the second video isn’t the full trailer for her story; it’s a repeat of the first video.) Though who’s the new guy tagging along with Yuffie? Never heard of a him before. Do we have any preliminary information on him? (And why does he look like Zack, darn it?….)

    I have yo agree that the Battle Royale game doesn’t look so good. It might fill in worldbuilding and history details, but beyond that…. Well, we’ll see.

    By the way, I found this comparison review between the original game and the Remake. It’s long but it is *great*! I definitely recommend checking it out, if you have the time. There are some parts I still have to listen to, but what I have heard makes me confident in recommending it! Here it is:

    Heh. At least we won’t be bored while waiting for Part II of the Remake!

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  2. Princess Geek

    Oh my! Thank you for pointing that out about the trailer, I don’t know why I didn’t notice it, haha!

    That man’s name is Sonon, and according to Nomura, he is a member of Avalanche! And yes, my first thought when I saw him was that he looked so much like Zack, it actually scared me a little, haha!

    Yes…I’m hoping it has some good background information, like on young President Shinra!

    Wow! Thank you for posting that, I will be taking a look at it!

    For sure!

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    1. You’re welcome, and no worries! We all mix up something sooner or later here on WP!

      Sonon – okay, *that* would explain why I missed it. He said it so fast that I didn’t catch more than the last syllable. Interesting to know Sonon’s AVALANCHE, since some of the dialogue seemed to imply he was Wutai (Yuffie probably got excited). I honestly thought we might be getting a parallel storyline with Zack and Yuffie when I saw him first. Darn! Zack’s confirmed to be alive in an alternate timeline, so that idea wasn’t out of the realm of possibility, but it’s been thoroughly debunked now. Still, at least we have a new character to get to know. 🙂

      Huh, Glasses Girl is new, but I’m guessing she’s in AVALANCHE’s diplomacy/support corps. She looks like she used to work at Shinra.

      Yes, more backstory on President Shinra! I want to know if he was nasty from the start or became that way. I have my guesses, but confirmation would be nice. 🙃

      Again, you’re welcome. I like sharing good reviews! Speaking of, have you seen the trailer for FF XVI? WOW!

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      1. Princess Geek

        That’s the truth!

        Exactly, I didn’t understand what he said, haha! Yeah, I’m wondering if his design is meant to be similar to Zack’s! I will be very nice to have a new character!

        That’s what I was thinking! I don’t know much about her, I will have to do some research!

        So do I! It should be interesting! The story at least…don’t know about the gameplay.

        I did see it back in September of last year, and I have to say that the graphics look incredible! I’ll have to learn more on what it’s about before I decide my feelings on it, I think!

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