Quote of the Week 1/12/21

Hey guys! Sorry about the sudden radio silence, I’m not quite sure what happened there *cough* besides being a extremely lazy this week *cough*. But I’m back with another quote, so let’s not waste anymore time and give it some attention! Also, Major Spoiler warnings for Crisis Core and Minor Spoiler warnings for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

“I’m glad I met you, Cloud. I really am. I’m grateful for all the words we’ve shared. For all the moments and the memories. You’ve made me more happy than you know. And I’ll always cherish what you’re given me. But…But whatever happens, you can’t fall in love with me. Even if you think you have, it’s not real.” – Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

This scene, my gosh.

In order to view this secret scene between Aerith and Cloud in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you must complete all the sidequests in Chapter 8 and view the hidden scene in that same chapter. Then when Chapter 14 comes, grab your tissues! As fans of the original know, Aerith kind of…well, she doesn’t have a happy ending. But I have a feeling they will also pick up on what she’s trying to tell Cloud here. As I’m sure every FF7 fan knows, Aerith’s first boyfriend was the First Class SOLDIER Zack Fair, the main character in Crisis Core, and Zack unfortunately didn’t make it after going MIA.

When Zack was killed, Cloud was the only one present. Since Cloud at that time was suffering from Mako poisoning, some things went down that ended up with Cloud developing some serious mental problems. Zack’s final words to him were to be his living legacy, and Cloud takes that a little too seriously.

I love how in the Remake it touches on just how much Cloud reminds Aerith of Zack. And when she says these lines to Cloud, about how if he fell in love with her it wouldn’t be real, I wonder if she knows about Cloud’s history with Zack. I will be very interested in seeing how this goes moving forward, especially considering the bombshell the ending dropped!

What do you think about this quote? Let me know in the comments below! God bless and have a good week!

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6 thoughts on “Quote of the Week 1/12/21

  1. I like your take on this quote. Most of the people I have seen write about it do so as a way of shipping Aerith/Cloud, and I don’t enjoy that. It’s nice to see someone take it as Aerith’s way of telling Cloud she’s unavailable, even though (as far as she knows at this point) that Zack’s gone. Thank you very much for posting this!

    Oh, do you know if the trailer for part 2 has arrived yet – or when it will arrive? I haven’t heard anything about it, but I may not be paying attention to the proper channels.

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  2. Princess Geek

    @Caroline Furlong Just last night I actually saw someone trying to explain that she said that for Tifa’s sake, since she knew Cloud really loved Tifa. While this is plausible, I believe it is much more likely because Aerith knows Cloud’s love for her is just an illusion of Zack’s.

    As for a trailer, unfortunately there is none! Production of part 2 is going smoothly, it is just not very far into it yet. If we don’t get at least a teaser this year, surely there will be one next year. Keeping my eyes on E3 2021! And I’ll be posting about it right away if one releases! 😉

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    1. Yeah, I have to agree with you. Saying it for Tifa’s sake – that would have come through differently. The way she said it makes me think your interpretation is the right one.

      Ugh, waiting…! Well, at least I know I didn’t miss anything. Nice to hear production is going smoothly. Thanks for your help! 👍

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