My 2021 Year Goals

Hey guys! I mentioned in a Weekly Dose of Scripture post that I would be talking about my new year goals, so here we are! As I said before, I’m not usually one to make new year goals, since they usually end up being forgotten quickly, but this year I’m going to try very hard to stick to them!

I have quite a few here, and some of the larger goals I have split up into smaller ones so they will be easier to handle. I will be talking about them in sections to make it not only easier to write, but to read as well! Take a look!

Becoming A Better Writer

Becoming better at anything takes practice! Though I have immensely improved in 2020, there is always enough room for practice! My goal for this year is to become even better and to improve my writing voice and style! Because this is such a huge goal, I have split it up into smaller goals.

Write For 500 Hours

I have no clue how much time I spent writing in 2020. It could have been more than this, but I have a feeling that it was less. What’s good about personal goals is that I can lower it or raise it if I need to, so I’m not much worried. Plus, when I say “write”, I don’t only mean book writing. It could be the time I spent blogging, or even writing an essay for school. All of that is practice, so it all counts!

Write 1,000 Pages –

Again, this counts for essays, reports, etc. I’m pretty confident that I could get 1,000 pages in a year, and part of me feels like I should raise it, but we’ll see!

Write 100,000 Words –

This one will probably be a bit tricky, though I feel a bit better knowing I’ll be counting any writing I do for school or my blog. But hey, if I can squeeze in 50,000 words in a month, then surely I can do 100,000 in a year!

Write 100 Blog Posts –

In 2020 I managed to publish 71 posts, a record for me! But this year I want to take it 19 posts further to make it 100! If I stick to a schedule and don’t slack off, I can make this one!

Stat Goals

These are some goals that I probably don’t have that much control over, but it’s still some things I would like to see happen this year!

Get 200 Followers On My Blog –

This is completely out of my control, but, Lord willing, I want to get more traffic to this blog! As of now I have 141 followers.

Get 10,000 Views

This goal scares me! Unlike my followers goal, this one is a bit more in my control since it all depends on how mnay posts I put out! This year I managed to get to nearly 5,000 views! I do not have the words to thank all of you who take the time to read my stuff! It means so much to me!

Get 50 Followers On YouTube

What’s that? YouTube?? That’s right! I will be starting a YouTube channel in the very, very near future, and I am both terrified and excited to start! I don’t really plan on making this goal, but if I did that would be amazing!

Film 50 Videos –

In regards to my upcoming channel, I would also like to film 50 videos…so, you know, pray for me!

Personal Goals

These goals are, well, personal. These are ones related to my health, state of mind, etc. etc. I am super excited for these goals!

End My Freshman Year Strong!

Wow wow wow…I am so close to leaving my college freshman days behind! Time flies y’all! My freshman year will be officially over sometime in July, as I will be taking summer classes. I want to keep up the good work I’ve been doing and finish strong!

Strengthen My Relationship With The Lord –

2020 was a great year for this, but I want to take it a step further in 2021! I want to go to church more often (or in my case, watch it on TV), I want to begin reading the Bible every day again, pray more, etc. I will be in a Bible study with some girlfriends, so that! To start this goal off, in January I will be start a 21 day fast from video games, so pray for me for that, haha!

Build My Confidence –

As I’ve said before, I am not the most confident person ever. The good news is that I’m getting better, and I want to work hard to raise my self esteem back to normal this year! That will not only make me feel bettter about my writing, but also pretty much every other aspect of my life!

Work On My Mental/Physical Health –

2020 was obviously not a good year for mental health, including my own. And I’ve never been one to take care of myself, so I want that to change this year! I want to start getting active and stronger and eating right to improve myself physically. My goal for getting closer to the Lord goes hand and hand with my goal of getting more sound mentally, so that’s convenient!

Piano –

2021 will mark the end of my piano lessons. I will have been taking lessons for 13 years, so this is a bit sad for me. To close it out, I will be doing a big recital (which was supposed to be in 2020 but we all know how plans worked out then) and I will be working towards that for the beginning half of the year. Some of these songs I have been learning for the last four years now, so it will be nice to finally perform them for an audience!

Another Writing Goal –

I had a hard time deciding whether to put this one in the writing goals or the personal goals, but it seems to fit here. There is one book that I’ve been working on since 2018, and I want to finally get to the fourth draft this year! That will be super exciting if I can make that goal, and considering that I’m on the third draft, I think it’s doable. To go along with that, I also want to completely finish my newest fantasy book, all four drafts (and any more) included!

Read 100 Books –

This was actually a 2020 goal, and it’s kind of ironic that I didn’t make it. I wasn’t even close. The one year I have all the freetime in the world to read because I was stuck at home and I read a grand total of, wait for it, 22 books! Wowzers, am I right? Anyway, I will be setting this as my Goodreads goal, and I’m excited to see it through!

Start My YouTube Channel –

I am terrified, and I’m not exactly sure why. But I’m also excited, so I’m just going to jump right in! It will be a Booktube channel, which is a side of YouTube where they mostly talk about books, obviously. My content will be stuff like reading vlogs, book hauls, reviews, and all kinds of other stuff! I’m super nervous because I’m not good at talking to a camera, and I’m not expecting my videos to be perfect or anything, but I’m still anxious! Pray for me, haha!

I’m pretty sure I have more that I’m forgetting, but this is good for now! I’m super excited to start working towards these goals and I’ll be updating how some of them are going as the year goes on. What are some of your new year goals? Let me know in the comments below! God bless y’all and here’s to a wonderful new year!

6 thoughts on “My 2021 Year Goals

  1. Changing Our Hearts!

    I loved this SOOO much! It gave me some ideas to add to my own goal list, haha! Anyway, one of my writing goals, is finishing the first draft of both my books! 🙏😄 Can’t wait to read your posts this year and see your videos!

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