Quote of the Week 10/25/20

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a quote, which is kinda surprising since the quote I have for this week is one that I’ve been really wanting to do. I guess with everything going on I never got around to it! Well, without further ado, here is the quote!

“Pretending to be someone you’re not never leads to happiness.”

Chirithy (Kingdom Hearts: Union X

I know I know, I keeping doing Kingdom Hearts quotes. I promise this’ll be the last one for the whole year…maybe…we’ll see…

ANYway, I was really excited about this qoute when I saw it on a Union X level and it has stuck out to me ever since. I know a thing or two about trying to be someone I’m not, and this quote actually came at just the right time! I used to struggle a lot with wishing I wasn’t me, and let me tell you, it’s exhuasting. Sometimes I still struggle with it, but I’m getting better! I’m learning to love myself the way I am and not being ashamed of that, and I want you to do the same! Because Chirithy tells the truth here, and you should be yourself!

Unless you can be Batman, then be Batman, I guess.

What do you think of this quote? Got any more Kingdom Hearts quotes you’d like to share? I’d love to chat! Now have an amazing week and God bless y’all!

All media property of Square Enix

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