Inspiring Characters: Sora

Hey guys! I’m so excited to bring you this Inspiring Characters post, and that is because I will be discussing my best boy: Sora from Kingdom Hearts! I love love love Sora, and I often refer to him as my baby! He’s so lovable and sweet and I have really enjoyed watching him grow up through the series, and y’all know how much I love Kingdom Hearts! After I did Riku, I knew it was only a matter of time before Sora’s turn came. So now that time has come! Before we get into this, I will just put out my usual major spoilers warning! Because, you know, this post will probably be full of them.

Sora Revisits Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts III

Long Story Short

There is a TON to cover, so I’m going to have to really breeze through this! Bear with me here! *Deep breaths*

Sora grew up in Destiny Islands with his two best friends, Riku and Kairi. I really love the set up of his story. We see how he looks up to Riku and wants to be like him. As for Kairi, it’s pretty obvious right of the bat that he has a crush on her. The game starts out with a lot of interactions between them as they work on building a raft to go a on a big adventure away from the islands.

Of course, things don’t go as planned. Darkness swallows up Destiny Islands (and Riku falls in by choice), and Sora is transported to Traverse Town, the world where those who have survived their worlds falling into darkness go once their home is gone. Here, Sora meet Donald and Goofy, who have been sent out to find this key. Turns out, Sora has the key; or rather, the keyblade. So obviously Goofy and Donald stick with him for the remainder of the journy…until Sora doesn’t have the keyblade anymore.

You see, Sora wasn’t the keyblade’s chosen. That was Riku. But Riku chose the darkness, so the keyblade kinda had to make a last second decision. Sora was next on the list, so he was chosen. But that still meant Riku could wield a keyblade, and near the end of the first game, Riku takes the keyblade from Riku and Donald and Goofy leave Sora to join with Riku (thanks guys!). Goofy, however, has a change of heart and joins back up with Sora, and in turn, Donald does too. This is when the famous line is spoken; “My friends are my power!” Ah, the nostalgia!

Sora defeats Riku (who got possessed by Ansem, the main villain of the first game), then goes on to defeat Ansem. In the end, they close the Door to Darkness and the worlds return as they were. Oh yeah, and poor Kairi was pretty much in a dazed state the whole game since she lost her heart. Turns out her heart was in Sora’s heart, which required Sor to forcibly removed it with a keyblade, which resulted in Sora losing his heart and turning into a Heartless. But he got better. Man, this is confusing. But just wait, I’m not even halfway done.

ANYway, next time we see Sora he’s looking for Riku, who got trapped in the Realm of Darkness when they shut the Door to Darkness (someone needs to be on the inside and outside in order to shut it, and Riku was the luky guy who got to close it from the inside). Sora, along with his two new besties Donald and Goofy, stumble upon Castle Oblivion, where things go from 0 to 10000 REAL fast. Here we meet the Nobodies, who are the other half of a human after they lose their heart. The two halves are the Heartless and the Nobodies, and Castle Oblivion is full of both. Sora has to travel up the thirteen floors of the castle, but everytime he gets to another floor he loses a memory, but gains another fake memory. Except he doesn’t know they’re fake, and he starts to not realize when he’s lost a memory. Eventually, his memory of Kairi is replaced by another girl, Namine, who happens to be Kairi’s Nobody. Remember how I said Sora removed Kairi’s heart from his own? That created Namine. And now Sora, thinking Namine is the one he loves and knowing she’s in the castle somewhere, hurries up to the first floor, which only makes him lose memories faster. In the end, it’s revealed that Namine was the one behind the whole memory thing, and she was the one who put herself in Kairi’s place. She’s not bad at all; it turns out that the other Nobodies, known as Organization 13, were making her do it. But she offers to make Sora as he was, and Sora agrees. Namine puts him in a one year coma to fix his memory. A whole bunch of stuff happens with Riku in this game, but this post isn’t about him, is it? (Sorry buddy)

Next up, we meet Roxas. And it turns out Roxas is Sora’s Nobody from the whole incident with Kairi’s heart. While we start off Kingdom Hearts II playing as Roxas, we quickly switch back over to Sora after he wakes up from his induced coma. His memories are all better now except he doesn’t remember that the whole Chain of Memories game even happened. He doesn’t even know who Namine is anymore. Poor girl. But he continues on with his journey completely oblivious to what he’s been up to the last year. He meets back up with Kairi and Riku, and together they beat Xemnas, the leader of Organization 13.

I’ll say it right now, I’m not going to talk about Coded. It is my least favorite instalment in the KH series, and the real Sora isn’t even in it. However, this game did have some wonderful quotes in it, and Sora, though he the data version, was as sweet as ever.

Moving on, we have Dream Drop Distance, where Sora and Riku take their Mark of Mastery exam. If they pass, they are an official keyblade master. A lot of not good stuff happens, and Sora falls to darkness, and Riku has to go save him. My how the tables have turned! Of course Riku rescues Sora and alls well that ends well, except for one thing. While Riku passes the exam, Sora does not, as they find he has a bit too much darkness in his heart. Imagine that?

I have skipped so, so much story. This is even less than a condensed version of the plot! Can you imagine how long a post explaining everything would be? Aha, I do, because I did it! (Please check it out, it took me months to write 😂)

So now Kingdom Hearts III comes along and Sora’s getting a little grown up! *tears* In fact, in this game Sora and Kairi’s relationship blossoms! Finally!!! But it’s time for the Guardians of Light to face off against the Real Organization 13, and things get ugly pretty fast!

Very quickly, Sora’s friends are taken over by the darkness, and Sora falls into it as well. So it’s all over, right? Nope! Sora isn’t one to give up! He is able to bring the hearts of his friends back and they return to the battleground!

Obviously the guardians win the battle, but not without a price. Kairi had fallen in battle, much to Sora’s devastation. But it’s not over yet. Sora gives the ultimate sacrifice to bring her back; his own life. In the end, everyone reunites on Destiny Islands, without the sweet light that was responsible for bringing them all back together.

The story is going to crazy places now that Sora is no longer alive! We are now following Kairi and Riku and their attempts to find out just what happened to our hero, and I know that we WILL bring Sora back!

Sora Enraged After Witnessing Kairi’s Death

What Makes Sora So Inspiring

What DOESN’T make Sora inspiring? He’s cheerful, he’s encouraging, and he’s so loving and sweet! He holds the lives of his friends far above his own, and he’s willing to go the extra mile for people who need him. He’s spent half of his life dedicated to fighting the darkness so people can live in peace, and he wasn’t even the chosen one! He took up the mantle that was meant for Riku without complaint and he takes the job seriously.

Sora has flaws, and they are prominent in the series. He often gets himself into trouble, especially in Dream Drop Distance, and he has a tendency to think too highly of himself and underestimate his opponets. While he isn’t cruel, he’s not immune to saying unkind words, even to his friends. But he apologizes when that happens. His flaws are something that people can relate to, and I really love that about Sora. Who likes a perfect protagonist?

One of Sora’s most admirable traits is his ability to made friends. He could literally be friends with a rock, I’m sure. He shows kindness to strangers and will go out of his way to help someone in need. One of my favorite moments in Kingdom Hearts 3 is when he shows kindness to the villains of the game. As the Real Organization members are dying, he isn’t taunting them about how he won. He tells Luxord they’ll play a card game together when he’s recompleted. He tells Marluxia he’s glad he’s learning to feel emotion again. he didn’t leave them to die alone.

As Kairi wrote in her letter in Kingdom Hearts 3, there is no heart Sora’s smile can’t reach. Ever since Sora’s death in Kingdom Hearts 3, I have seen so many people pumped up about bringing him home. I don’t know what it will take, but we will bring Kingdom Hearts’ brightest light home!

Greatest Moments –

I could go on and on here, but I’m going to have to choose the end of Kingdom Hearts. After his battle with Riku, Sora finds out that Kairi’s heart is within his own, and in order to return it to her, he’ll have to unlock his heart. This would result in his body and heart being torn. He would be halved into a Heartless and a Nobody. But he doesn’t hesitate because of that. All he wants is for Kairi’s heart to return.

It is a little fun to play as Heartless Sora for a bit, and I love the scene where he returns! Also, this is the scene that made it possible for Roxas (Sora’s Nobody) and Namine (Kairi’s Nobody; result of Kairi’s heart being within Sora’s when he unlocked it) into the series, so that’s another plus!

Greatest Quote

If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, then you can probably guess what I put here! Sora has many memorable lines, and I wish I could put a lot! But I’m going to go with this one!

“Although my heart may be weak, it’s not alone. It’s grown with each new experience. And it’s found a home with all the friends I’ve made. I’ve become a part of their heart, just as they’ve become a part of mine. And if they think of me now and then, if they don’t forget me, then our hearts will be one. I don’t need a weapon. My friends are my power!”

Some Fast Facts About Sora

– Sora, in the first game, is fourteen years old. By Kingdom Hearts III he is either fifteen or sixteen. He cameos in Birth by Sleep as a four year old (and he’s SO adorable!)

– Sora’s birthday is confirmed to be on March 28th, the day Kingdom Hearts released.

– It is also confirmed that Sora’s height is 5’2″ (or 160 cm). This may be a little easter egg to the seven Guardians of Light, as 5+2=7 and 1+6+0=7.

– As of Kingdom Hearts III, Sora finally shares a papou fruit with Kairi, somthing that many fans have been waiting for since the first game. This means that their destinies are forever intertwined.

– Sora, before Kingdom Hearts III, had three hearts within his own. The heart of his Nobody, Roxas, the heart of Ventus, and the heart of Xion.

– Sora is the only character to have both of his parents mentioned in the game, and his mother even has a line in Kingdom Hearts. His father is mentioned by Riku in Birth by Sleep. They haven’t been mentioned since.

Sora has made a difference in my life, and I hope he inspires you as well! Tell me your thoughts on Sora in the comments below as well as your favorite Sora moment! God bless and have a good week!

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