New Short Story Reveal!

Hey guys! I hope you are well this week! I have some exciting stuff to share with y’all, and thanks to the title of this post, you can see that it is about my new upcoming short story! My sister, who is known as Spider-Man lover here on the blog, has been working on different ideas for the cover art, and the two of us settled on more of a simpler design, and I really love it! So shout out to her for creating the art, I really appreciate the lengths she goes to bring my stories to life!

I also FINALLY came up with a title and a few other plot details! I decided that since things are a little slow with this story, I won’t be doing an excerpt because it would have been a bit of part one, but we are so close to the release that I just wanted y’all to read the whole thing of part one on it’s release date! But enough about all that, I will be discussing the release date after the other details have been revealed!

If you saw my last update on this story, you know it’s a fairytale retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I have always loved that story, and while watching the movie I came up with this idea! The characters’ roles will be switched, with Prince Hunter being the one who thinks he’s Princess Emerald’s true love, but it turns out that Janus McMyer is the one who’s kiss will wake her! I will be discussing the characters in a moment!

This will be a very character driven story about how Janus and Emerald will get along, seeing as Janus is looked at as a villain by the other characters! I’m so, so excited to start writing this! Before moving on to character details, you can see the cover art below!


I’m loving it!!! And as you can see, the title is The Unlikely Prince!

As for the characters, I will be discussing the main three for now! You can read about them below!

Prince Hunter McDillard III

Age: 25

Prince Hunter has another thing coming for him, let me tell you. The poor guy grew up playing with Princess Emerald and is completely in love with her. He jumps at the chance to rescue her from the tower, where she will remain asleep unless she is kissed by her true love…

…Except he isn’t her true love. I have already started writing part 1, obviously, and he is a very different character for me to write. He’s a no nonsence guy who loves organization. As a perfectionist, always going by the book, the people are a little intimidated by him, and I’m not going to lie, they aren’t really excited for him to be king. He sees them as facts and numbers than actual human beings, and often forgets how to treat them as such. If not for his father, he would probably be downright hated. But he is certain that things will change once he marries Emerald. Maybe, just maybe, she can teach him how to handle people, and they’ll actually start liking him.

Poor guy.

Princess Emerald “Emmy” Catrina

Age: 18

Emerald will probably take some getting used to when it comes to writing her. She’s clumsy, oblivious to most of what’s going on around her, and is entirely too trusting for her own good. But hey, she’s sweet, caring, and always looking for the good in people. When life gives her lemons, you can bet she’s going to make lemonade because, well, she loves lemonade, and she’ll probably share it too.

She never knew Hunter liked her so much, and everytime he would try and confess his feelings someone would interupt them, or she thought he was joking. She seriously thought that everytime. Or maybe she was just trying to cover up the fact that she’s not all that crazy about him. Yeah, she loves him to death, but sees him only as the big brother she never had, and she ALWAYS wanted siblings.

She’s a fun loving gal…let’s hope Janus can keep up with her.


Age: 21

Even though he took me the longest to plan out, I had the most fun with him. Maybe that’s why it took so long…

Anyway, before we get into personality or anything here, I’m going to say that he’s Maleficent’s twin brother. This was probably the most recent thing I decided on, and both of my sisters and myself were pretty hyped about this guy after that. Though, I want to point out one thing, Maleficent will only be in the first part, but she will be mentioned everywhere else. I don’t want this turning into a fan fiction instead of a retelling!

But let me tell you about Janus, now. He’s got the horns, the dark clothing, the crow. He’s just lacking in a few things his sister has. He isn’t all that thrilled to be a villain. You see, his childhood dream was to become a knight, so of course as soon as he met a knight from the kingdom of Mackshire he asked to be his squire. Well, things didn’t turn out so well. As soon as they realized he was related to Maleficent, they made sure to tell him he was never, ever welcome in their kingdom. So all of his dreams were crushed, because every other kingdom he went to told him the same thing. Not only was Maleficent evil, but his parents weren’t so loved either.

So what does he do? Obviously, he locks himself in a tower and barely ever comes out. He’s given up on people. He doesn’t go to see his family because, heck, they caused all this in the first place. He never wanted to be a villain. But all anyone could see were his horns. marking him as a child of an evil family.

And then Prince Hunter comes knocking on his door…

Also, some fun trivia, Janus is named after the two-faced Roman god of beginnings and endings, who could see the future and the past!

I hope you guys are excited about this story, because I sure am! I’m sooooo sorry it took me so long to get this post out, but I have been BUSY. College is coming, and there’s so much to do! Also, Camp Nano July. But I will find time to keep up with this new short story, even though I might need to take breaks every once in awhile, especially in November when NaNoWriMo will be going on.

The Unlikely Prince will be releasing this Saturday (August 1), so keep an eye out for it! Let me know what your thoughts on this short story are in the comments below! God bless, and see you on Saturday!

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