New Series Starting Next Monday!

I’m back! I’ve been on a break to take care of some things for college, which has been a nightmare to do because of all this Covid-19 stuff, but I am happy to anounce that I am an official college student aiming for a degree in game development! Super excited for that! But that’s not what this post is about, as you can tell from the title! I have a new series of posts I will be doing! I haven’t figured out a title for the series yet, but I’ll let you in on how it’ll go!

You most likely know about my Quote of the Week series, and you might also know that every now and then I will do a Bible verse! Well, I have decided to separate those two. Quote of the Week will strictly be quotes from movies, games, books, etc. and this new series will be strictly Bible verses! Starting next Monday, I will be posting weekly verses that I pray will help to encourage you, especially these days! I’m super excited to start, and I’m hoping I’ll have a title for the series by next week!

God bless y’all, and have a great day!


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