New Kingdom Hearts Game Revealed! (And Dark Road Gets A Release Date!)

Calling all Kingdom Hearts fans! I’ve got some exciting news! Not only did Square Enix reveal their next Kingdom Hearts game, but they gave a release date for one that we already knew about!

First off, Dark Road, a game that will tell us the past of Xehanort, was delayed a few weeks ago, but now they have confirmed with a trailer that Dark Road will release this Monday (June 22)! We will take a look at that trailer in a moment.

Moving on, we have the new Kingdom Hearts game! Two days ago, a logo was leaked, and you cane see that logo here…


Square Enix was quick to announce the new game, Melody of Memory, with a trailer, also revealing that this will not only further the story, but it will be a rhythm game.

A trailer entitled Kingdom Hearts 2020 trailer gives some insight to Dark Road and Melody of Memory. Take a look!


Super exciting stuff going on there! New characters for Dark Road, and hopefully some answers will come from both games! Dark Road, like I said, will be out this Monday, and all we know about Melody of Memory is that it could come out this year!


What do you think about this reveal? Excited for the new games? Let me know in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “New Kingdom Hearts Game Revealed! (And Dark Road Gets A Release Date!)

  1. Princess Geek

    I unfortunatly have not been able to finish the Re:Mind DLC! The data battles have been kicking my butt, but I only have Terra-Xehanort, Xion, Xemnas, Old Xehanort, and, of course, the secret boss. (if you have any tips I would be SO grateful!) But yes…all that I’ve heard about the secret ending makes me very interested in what will happen moving forward…


  2. Princess Geek

    They are spin-offs, much like Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, etc. were! With the ReMind DLC being the final instalment to the Dark Seeker saga, Melody of Memory with be the first game in the second arc of Kingdom Hearts. As for Kingdom Hearts 4, awhile back Tetsuya Nomura stated that there would most likely be a spin-off before the next main game. As of now, it is thought that Kingdom Hearts 4 will either be released or revealed in 2022, which is Kingdom Hearts’ 20th anniversary (and that makes me feel old!), and everyone is looking forward to that since Nomura said to keep an eye on that year. Apparently he has something special planned!

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  3. Princess Geek

    Yeah really! I think we might be in luck though, as long as another development hell doesn’t happen, which was the case for the remake.


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