Final Fantasy 7’s Best Quotes (4/19/20)

Hey guys!  On April 10th, the long awaited Final Fantasy 7 remake released!  I had pre ordered mine, but I didn’t get it until last Sunday because of shipping delays due to the virus.  I finally got to start playing it last week, and let me tell you, I am NOT disappointed.  Before I get into that, I’ve got a special quote of the week post.  Instead of doing just one quote, I’m going to be sharing seven to celebrate the remake of the twenty-three year old game!  Take a look!


“No one lives in the slums because they have too. It’s like this train. It can’t run anywhere except where its rails take it.”  – Cloud Strife

I obviously had to include this quote, since it’s one of the most famous!  Cloud says this to Barret after discussing why the people that live under the big plate in Midgar can’t leave.  None of them have enough money, and none of them can make enough, so they just have to keep on living in the worst part of Midgar.


“But you gotta  understand that there ain’t no gettin’ offa this train we on, not till we get to the end of the line.” – Barret Wallace

Another famous quote!  This one becomes sort of a catch phrase through the game.  The characters use it to tell each other there is no turning back from their plans and decisions.


“Hey, why don’t we make a promise?  Umm, if you get really famous and I’m ever in a bind…you come save me, alright?”  – Tifa Lockheart

This is one of my favorite quotes from this game!  When Tifa and Cloud were kids, they made this promise before Cloud went off to join SOLDIER.  In the love triangle between Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa, I decided to go with Cloud and Tifa.  I think most people chose Aerith and Cloud to root for, but I just can’t.  Zack and Aerith were made for each other!


“What you pursue will be yours, but you will lose something dear…” – Cait Sith

This quote.  I have many feelings about this quote.  When Aerith and Cloud hang out at the Golden Saucer, they meet the fortune teller Cait Sith, who gives Cloud this fortune.  It is a chilling foreshadowment for what happens next, which brings me to my next quote, which is a SPOILER if you have not played this game!


“Aerith is gone!  Aerith will no longer talk, no longer laugh, no longer cry…or get angry…”  – Cloud Strife

Alright, this one makes me tear up.  The death of Aerith Gainsborough was probably one of the most shocking RPG deaths to appear on screen.  People have tried everything to bring her back because she was so loved.  People tried to hack the game, add mods, play the game over and over to try and find any secret way bring her back.  In Japan, people even sent a petition to Square Enix, which was Square Soft at the time, to revive her.  Twenty three years later people are still trying to find ways to bring the beloved flower girl back.  Aerith’s death finally broke Cloud, and his dialogue directly after her sudden death shows it.


“If everything’s a dream…don’t wake me up.”  – Cloud Strife

Another famous one, and one of my favorites!  Cloud says this to Aerith right before her death when he sees her in the forest.


“Hearing your stories has added upon me yet another sin.  More nightmares will come to me now.  More than I previously had.” – Vincent Valentine

This is my most favorite Vincent quote.  I’ll never forget meeting this character for this first time.  This is spoken after the gang meets Vincent, who was sleeping in a coffin, and they tell him about what’s been going on in the world.


Honorable Mentions

There were just too many quotes to choose from, so I have three honorable mentions for ya’ll!


“Ahhh…you look like a bear wearing a marshmallow.” – Cloud Strife

I laugh every single time I see this quote.  Cloud says it to Barret, referring to what he looks like in the sailor suit he had to wear while they went undercover on the boat heading to Costa Del Sol.


“This guy are sick!”  – Aerith Gainsborough

Okay, okay, this was only a mistake.  When Final Fantasy 7 was translated to English, there was a few issues, resulting in this golden quote.  Despite this, it has become very famous and loved.


“Not interested.” – Cloud Strife

How can I not add this one?  It’s basically Cloud’s catchphrase!


So there they are!  I hope you enjoyed these quotes!  I’m having so much fun playing through the remake, and it’s such a beautiful, weird, crazy ride!  Everything is so detailed!  I will be reviewing this game sometime after I beat it, so I will save all my ranting about it until then.  What are some favorite FF7 quotes of yours?  Let me know in the comments below, whether they be from the original game, the remake, or even Advent Children! Have a great week and God bless!


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12 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 7’s Best Quotes (4/19/20)

  1. Aside from their friendship, I think Cloud and Aerith’s relationship is partly based on their separate relationships with Zack. She sees some of Zack in Cloud but doesn’t quite know why, while Cloud *may* have heard Zack mention her. So in a way he’s trying to protect her because she’s part of Zack’s legacy, which he’s sworn to uphold, and because she’s a living tie to his old friend. But since he knows this unconsciously and can’t articulate it, we end up with the apparent romantic triangle in the game.

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  2. Princess Geek

    I agree. Throughout the original game, Aerith continually points out and hints how Cloud reminds her of her “first boyfriend”.

    “First off, it bothered me how you looked alike. Two completely different people, but look exactly the same. The way you walk, gesture…I think I might have seen him again, in you. But you’re different. Things are different.”

    Their relationship is different because of this, yes. Crisis Core’s story wasn’t known at the time of the original, but now that it is known, the remake has taken advantage of this, and it sheds a lot more light on why Cloud feels obligated to protect her.
    It is interesting, though, because some people really do want Cloud and Aerith to be together. Even without the knowledge of what went down in Crisis Core, I never did. I’m really happy that the remake is talking about this a lot more!

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    1. Do you have the Remake? I’m not much of a gamer, so I only watch the cut scenes (which, as you mentioned, have done a great deal to emphasize Cloud and Tifa’s relationship). The CGI is very impressive; I don’t recall the last time I saw a game which had *that* much detail put into it.

      I understand some people prefer the Cloud/Aerith relationship, but like you that never seemed right to me. Cloud and Tifa work much better together, without a doubt. It’s good to know the Remake is building off of and solidifying the storytelling in the original game and follow up material.

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  3. Princess Geek

    I’ve been playing it for the last few days and I’m really impressed with it! They really put everything they had into this game! It definitely does focus a lot more on Cloud’s relationship with Tifa than the original did. Cloud and Tifa are like the ultimate power couple, I can’t get enough of them! One thing that I like is how the game seems to be portraying Cloud and Aerith’s relationship as a sibling kind of bond. There is the fact that Aerith sees Zack in him, and I’m sure lots of people have different views on it, but that’s how I see it. Now, I have to say that Cloud is protective of both girls, but that’s just how he is. He’s like that to Jessie as well.

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  4. Nothing wrong with a hero having a protective attitude toward the girls in his story. In fact, I would say it’s too bad more heroes aren’t given the same opportunities for chivalry in modern fiction; it would make them more realistic. I’m going to have to look up those scenes with him and Jessie, along with most of the other important scenes. Cloud and Tifa got the priority treatment, but they’re definitely not the only part of this story worth watching. 😉

    Have you reached the finale yet? It’s going to be epic and – well, interesting. If I say any more I may spoil it.

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  5. Princess Geek

    I totally agree! We definitely need more characters like Cloud!
    In this game, Jessie is very open about her feelings towards Cloud, and that makes for some interesting but funny scenes! According to Wedge, it’s all a game to her.

    I have not reach the end yet, and I made it to chapter 10 last night. Things have been keeping me busy, though on the first night of playing it I made it to Cloud falling through the roof of the church. A very sentimental scene for me, and I was not disappointed. I have heard that the ending was really something and I can’t wait to see it!

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  6. It’s an intriguing finale, one I certainly wasn’t expecting. From all accounts, *no one* was expecting it. I hope you like it.

    Are there a lot of Star Wars fans at Square Enix? I notice the names Biggs and Wedge recur in many of their games as minor characters. It’s a neat way to pay homage to the franchise, but I don’t think I have heard an explanation of how or why they chose those names out of the entire SW universe for their own stories.

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  7. Princess Geek

    I look forward to it!

    That’s right! There are some Star Wars fans at Square Enix, and Wedge and Biggs are named after the duo in Star Wars! Biggs and Wedge have appeared in nearly every Final Fantasy game, just like the character Cid Highwind! Sometimes they are even accompanied by a character named Jessie! In fact, there are multiple Star Wars references throughout the FF games.

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    1. I wondered if a character named Jessie appeared in subsequent Square Enix games. That’s a very clever story device, especially in a loose series of anthology stories like Final Fantasy. 🙂

      Hm, have they remade Final Fantasy VI with Terra, or am I thinking of the Dissidia games?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Princess Geek

        It is clever!

        They have not, but I think they have thought of it, since it’s such a good game. They have even talked about remaking Final Fantasy 8!

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