Top Ten Couples in Fiction

It’s that time of year again, my friends!  It’s Valentine’s Day, the year where us single people hang around with our true loves – video games, books, candy, and all kinds of other stuff that can’t talk back to us.  Every year, I always put out a post for this holiday, and this year we’re going to look back on fictional power couples that we can’t help but be jealous of.  There will be minor spoilers here, and also, as always, this list is purely my opinion!



10. Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) and Rey

From: Star Wars

First Meeting: Rey meets Kylo Ren when he interrogates her after he had captured her.  What a fine meeting!

This one almost didn’t make it on the list, and for obvious reasons.  Kylo and Rey didn’t exactly start out the best of friends.  I mean, they’ve fought and tried to kill each other multiple times.  But this was actually one of my favorite romance tropes: enemies to lovers.  Slowly, throughout the new Star Wars trilogy, Kylo and Rey slowly went from trying to kill each other, to joining each other (even if it was only for a little while), then finally to completely fighting against the Dark Side together.  It was obvious that Rey wanted Kylo Ren to turn good, and it was even more obvious that Kylo Ren desperately wanted Rey to join him so he wouldn’t be forced to kill her.  In the final movie, Kylo Ren, with the help of his mother, Princess Leia, turned away from the Dark Side and became Ben Solo once again.  Together, Ben and Rey fought against Palpatine, even though Ben wasn’t there for most of the fight after being quickly disposed of.  In the end, Ben gave the ultimate sacrifice to save Rey’s life, and ended up dying in her arms.

At this point, I am thoroughly used to relationships ending like this, but it still gets me every time!  Still, I love the way Ben and Rey’s relationship was handled, and their sweet ability they share that allows them to see each other through the Force (Force Skype) and even send objects to each other through the Force landed them on this list!


9. Wizard Howl and Sophie Hatter

From: Howl’s Moving Castle

First Meeting: Sophie first sees Howl when she’s on her way to visit her sister on May Day, but officially meets him aboard his moving castle later on.

I as completely captivated by the book Howl’s Moving Castle.  There is just nothing else quite like it.  It’s weird, hilarious, and full of magic.  While Studio Ghibli’s movie is also wonderful, I’m focusing more on the book for this.  When Howl first sees Sophie in his castle, he knows who she is.  Sophie was cursed and turned into an old woman, but Wizard Howl still recognized her as the girl he saw walking down the street on May Day.  And, much to his annoyance, he falls in love with her.  And Sophie finds herself falling in love with the frustrating, horrible, heartless, playboy, drama king of a wizard.  Howl is certainly all of those things.  And Sophie has the sass and wits to keep him in check.  After Sophie returns to her real age, and Howl’s heart is returned to him (though he’s still the drama king we all know and love), Sophie and Howl live happily ever after together.


8. Zidane Tribal and Princess Garnet

From: Final Fantasy 9

First Meeting: Garnet meets Zidane when he came to kidnap her.  Zidane is surprised to find that Garnet actually wants to be kidnapped!

Final Fantasy 9 was my first Final Fantasy game.  I first played it over a decade ago, but never beat it then.  It was only two years ago that I actually beat it.  Zidane and Garnet were fast friends, and it was obvious where their relationship was going.  Zidane was always there for Garnet, and Garnet was always there for Zidane.  They fought against the villain, Kuja, together.  When Zidane finds that he isn’t human; that he’s actually the soulless race known as the Genomes, he rejects the company of his friends.  But Garnet is the first to let him know he’s not alone.  And at the end of the game, Zidane sends Garnet and his friends away to live where it’s safe, then goes to rescue Kuja, who turned out to be his brother.  It’s here that we’re led to believe that Zidane dies.

Square Enix did something they don’t normally do here.  Years later, Garnet is the Queen of Alexandria, and she’s miserable.  She misses Zidane terribly.  One night, she watches her favorite play, the cast being Zidane’s old crew.  And the main character in the play throws off his hood, revealing himself to be none other than Zidane himself!  From then on, Zidane and Garnet are always together.


7. Link and Zelda

From: Legend of Zelda

First Meeting (In Skyward Sword): We don’t see Link meeting Zelda for the first time in this game, since they have known each other for a long time.  They met sometime as children.

There are many versions of Link and Zelda, but my personal favorite so far has been Skyward Sword’s version.  Here, Link and Zelda go to the same academy, where Link is training to become a knight.  And the two are seriously in love.  Obviously, as in any Zelda game, Zelda is taken by Ganon and Link has to go rescue her.  It’s a roller-coaster ride in this game, and it didn’t hold back.  In one of the most crushing moments, Zelda sacrifices herself for the greater good and froze herself in time, only to wake up when Link’s quest is complete.  Link manages to stop Ganon and the rest of the villains, and when Zelda wakes up, he’s excited to have her back.  They were so adorable in this game!

6. Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla

From: Star Wars Rebels

First Meeting: Kanan first meets Hera in an alley, and the two work together to fend off a group of thugs.

I loved Star Wars Rebels, but I loved the book A New Dawn even more.  The book tells the story of Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla before they formed the crew of the Ghost, and how Hera recruited Kanan to help fight back against the Empire.  It’s a great read, one that I highly recommend to any Star Wars fan!  Their story is one of the more tragic romances in Star Wars.  Kanan and Hera were always there for each other, and even more so after Kanan lost his sight.  When Kanan was captured by the Empire, Hera, with the help of the others on their crew, rescued him.  And when Hera was captured by the Empire towards the end of the series, Kanan saved her, and it cost him his life.  To protect Hera and the crew, as well as make life difficult for Grand Admiral Thrawn, Kanan sacrificed himself.  It was devastating to the crew of the Ghost, especially to Hera.  At the end of the series, we get a big shock: Hera and Kanan had a child, Jacen.  We don’t know much about this kid, or what the Star Wars universe will do with him, but I’m excited to find out!

5. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey

From: The Amazing Spider-Man

First Meeting: Peter and Gwen have always seen each other around, being in the same school and all.  It was only a matter of time before Peter asked her out!

When I first watched The Amazing Spider-Man, I was, well, amazed, to say the least.  For years, Batman had been my favorite superhero and I was a DC fan.  Since watching that, I am purely a Marvel fan and Spiderman is my all time favorite superhero.  I loved how the movie portrayed the relationship between Peter and Gwen.  In the first movie, they had their setbacks.  Peter thought that maybe Gwen’s father’s final wish for him to stay away from her was a plausible decision to keep her safe, and after awhile, he goes through with it.  In the second movie, they break up.  The second Amazing Spider-Man is excruciating to watch, mostly because of their attempts to stay away from each other.  But it’s just too hard, isn’t it?  They do end up getting back together, but only before tragedy strikes.  In the end, after Gwen is helps Spidey to take down the villain Electro, another villain shows up, and this time, it’s Peter’s old friend Harry Osborne.  Except now, he’s the Green Goblin.  Of course, that’s a story for another day.  Anyway, after their battle in the clock tower, Gwen falls to her death despite Peter’s attempts to save her.  I really wish there could have been a third movie, because for the rest of the movie, Peter’s grief at losing Gwen was done perfectly.


4. Rowan Damisch and Citra Terranova

From: The Arc of a Scythe

First Meeting: Citra meets Rowan in a booth at the opera house after the two receive mysterious invitations.

Spoiler alert!  This will be my next book review!  I started reading The Arc of a Scythe back in December, and I’ve got to say…the book’s not for everyone.  Even I almost put it down completely a couple times.  I will save the talk for when I actually review it, so for now I want to focus on the two main characters.  Rowan and Citra are just teenagers, but they go through an awful lot through the course of the trilogy.  They get called to be Scythe (those who are responsible for the deaths of all immortals) apprentices, get pitted against each other, and even end up being a part of the worst trauma to come out of the second book.  Together, they face the corrupt Scythedom, and it isn’t a pretty sight.  Sometimes they have to get their hands dirty.  But they stand next to each other, no matter how dark Rowan gets or how far away Citra is from him, they are for each other.  The world may be against them, but they have each other and that’s all that mattered to them!

3. Han Solo and Princess Leia

From: Star Wars

First Meeting: Leia meets Han when he comes with Luke Skywalker, C-3P0, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan-Kenobi to rescue her from the Empire.

Here we are with another Star Wars couple, and how can I not include this one?  Han and Leia have become one of the most influential fictional couple there is!  Everyone knows the story of them, and everyone knows their famous quote, “I love you”, “I know”!  If they don’t know, then they need to climb out of the hole they’ve been living in!  This one is nostalgic, and even though both characters are dead in the saga now, they will live forever.  Han is nothing like Leia.  He’s a scoundrel.  Leia’s a princess.  But she has the wits to put up with him!  In Force Awakens, we find that they had seperated from each other for a time, both grieving the loss of their son to the Dark Side in their own ways.  But when they see each other again, nothing has changed.  They love each other just the same as they did before.  It’s a couple that will be remembered forever!

2. Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough

From: Final Fantasy 7, Crisis Core, and Advent Children

First Meeting: Aerith meets Zack after he falls through the roof of the church, much like Cloud Strife did in Final Fantasy 7!

This one was SO close to being first.  SO CLOSE.  If you read my post from last Valentine’s Day, then you know that I love Zack and Aerith a LOT.  Their story crushes me.  It’s Square Enix, so what else are we supposed to expect?  But Crisis Core took things to another level!  Zack was a military man, but he was sweet to Aerith, even when he just met her.  I always laugh at his constant attempts to get a girl.  His line, “How about one date?”  has become a favorite of mine.  When his wallet is stolen by a street kid, Aerith helps him to track it down.  As payment, Zack bought her that iconic pink ribbon that Aerith wears in her hair in Final Fantasy 7.  Later on, Zack builds her a wagon so she can sell her flowers around Midgar, a place that desperately needs some color.  But of course, all good things must come to an end.  Zack is sent on a mission to Nibelheim, and he never comes back.  He goes missing, and Aerith knows she’ll never see him again.  That doesn’t stop her from continuously sending letters to him, even though he never writes back.  Meanwhile, Zack is trying to get home, but he’s taking a very sick Cloud Strife with him.  Cloud can barely walk, and to make matters worse, they’re being hunted.  Zack ends up protecting Cloud after their found by Shinra soldiers, and dies doing so.  In Final Fantasy 7, Aerith mentions Zack multiple times.  She also dies in one of the most famous Final Fantasy scenes ever made.  In Advent Children, we are given the comfort that they are together now in the Lifestream.

1. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase

From: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

First Meeting: Annabeth officially meets Percy when Chiron instructs for her to give Percy a tour of Camp Half-Blood.

I am a HUGE Percy Jackson fan.  When I first read The Lightning Thief, I knew Percy and Annabeth were meant for each other.  They’ve known each other since they were twelve years old, and they’ve fought all kinds of Greek monsters together.  They’ve survived much longer than most Half-Bloods do, and that’s mostly because they have each other.  In The Last Olympian, on Percy’s sixteenth birthday, they start dating, and I couldn’t have been happier!  Of course, they had more trouble coming for them.  Nothing got to us fans like the ending of Mark of Athena did.  No one could have seen it coming.  Fans around the world were devastated when Rick Riordan, the author, went and tossed Percy and Annabeth into the Tartarus, a place where only the worst – the ones who can’t be held in the Underworld – go.  It’s the fight of their lives.  The House of Hades is my favorite book out of The Heroes of Olympus series.  Percy and Annabeth do make it out of Tartarus, but things are different now.  They’ve seen enough to make a normal mortal go mad.  But their bond is stronger than ever now.  All of us fans still wait to see what will become of our favorite Percy Jackson ship as time goes on.


So there’s my list!  It was really hard to make it, surprisingly.  Which is your favorite fictional couple?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments!  I hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day!  God bless!



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