Quote of the Week 2/10/20

Another week, another quote!  For this week’s quote, I turned to the legendary Studio Ghibli.  You just can’t go wrong with quotes there!  There is so much treasure, I could go on forever!  I chose a quote from one of my favorite movies, and actually one of my favorite parts in the movie…


“There you are, sweetheart.  Sorry I’m late.  I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

– Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)


I cannot even begin to tell how how much I love Howl’s Moving Castle.  I was obsessed from the moment I read Diana Wynne Jones’ novel.  It was so different than anything I’ve ever read, and the movie is spectacular!  Of course, I don’t love the movie as much as I love the book, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone!  Just read the book first!  But anyway, back to the quote, I really love how Howl foreshadows one of the plot twists in this movie.  I won’t give any spoilers, but the beginning of this movie is pure gold.  I mean, all of it is, but the beginning even more so.  It introduces Howl so well, even though it’s nothing like how he was introduced in the book.

What do you think of this week’s quote?  Are you a Studio Ghibli fan?  Start up a conversation in the comments below!


All media property of Studio Ghibli

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week 2/10/20

  1. This is a good quote! The introduction for “Howl’s Moving Castle” is really well done, you’re right. It reminds me of some older films where the plot unfolds in less structured, more organic manner. Every scene sets up the world and the plot without directly *telling* The audience where they are or what, precisely, is going on. It’s a very neat method, one that deserves to be used more than it has been of late.

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